Tips to Choose the Correct Cricket Ball for your needs

Cricket is a popular sport played by many across the globe, People love watching it being played as well, If you are interested in playing it, you will want to have all the right equipment.

When this is possible, you can enjoy it to its fullest. A cricket ball is an important part of the game. You can get them in different varieties. The following are some tips to help you choose a good cricket ball.

Types of Cricket Balls

Different types of cricket balls can be gotten. It is a good idea to know these.

  • Cork ball – The cork cricket ball is also called the Leather cricket ball. It is used when playing professionally. You can get a red cork cricket ball, a white one and a pink one.
  • Red Cricket Ball – The red leather cricket ball gets employed in multi-day games. It is possible for the red color of the ball to highlight in a white background, white being the dress worn by players. This ball is employed in cricket test matches.
  • White Cricket Ball – The white leather cricket ball gets used only in limited over games. This is where the players are wearing coloring cricket kits. The red ball cannot be visible because of the colored clothing of players therefore the white one is used.
  • Pink Cricket Ball – The pink leather cricket ball gets used when wanting to play day-night multi-day games. It is used to enhance night visibility. You can get a wide variety of pink cricket balls.
  • Tennis cricket ball – This is also called the Tape cricket ball. It is often used when playing street cricket and for those who are beginners. You can get a heavy one or a light one.

The material of the Cricket Ball

It is important to look at the material the ball is made from. The core of a ball consists of layers of some folded cork strips along with stiff wound strings. This influences the ball’s shape plus bounce.

The outer area of the ball consists of fine quality leather. It can be cut into 4 or 2 pieces. This depends on the kind of ball that is being made. When it is made, the ball gets seasoned, dyed, then tanned before proceeding for the final assembling. This includes stitching and polishing. A 4-piece cricket ball gets mostly employed in Test cricket.

You also need to consider the seam of the ball. It gets made by stitching two leather halves or even four. It depends on the kind being made.

The polish should be fine. Cheap balls tend to be covered using a thicker layer of some polish.

Apart from the above, it is important to consider the size and weight of the ball. Look for a good brand to buy from us you will know they have good quality cricket balls. The more that you spend influences the quality of the ball which will be gotten.

Also, consider the aim of the ball. For instance, synthetic ones are better for kids. An aspiring cricketer may want to try out the leather one. It is better to stay away from cheap and hard ones as they can break your bat and also cause injuries.

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