How Estimating Software Helps Win Bids and Save Time in Construction

Estimating software is about so much more than just producing estimates. The right software tools can save you time and even help you win bids!

By understanding how estimating software can support your business, you can plan for greater professional success. Soon, you’ll have the skills you need to use your software system to achieve optimal results in efficiency and profitability alike.

Feeling unsure of how estimating software can really help you win bids and save time? These are just four of the incredible benefits you should know about!

Instant estimating results

Before digital technologies made estimating easy, manual estimates were the standard. This could be a time-consuming process, often taking up hours of valuable work time, even before a contract had been signed.

Digital estimating software allows you to access construction estimates almost instantly! This means you can avoid wasting time combing through prices and trends. Instead, simply input relevant project details, and let your system automatically generate the information you need.

The time you save by automating the estimating process could help you beat the competition so that you win bids before anyone else has even finished estimating.

Highly accurate estimates

Likewise, old-fashioned manual estimated can often be subject to error. When working with pen and paper, it’s easy to make a mistake or fail to account for recent changes in the construction industry or the local economy. Estimating software can help!

Using high-quality estimating software, you can produce incredibly accurate results that both you and your clients can rely on. This allows you trust in your cost estimates and the way they are structured as you begin project tasks.

More accurate results will save you time that might otherwise fall victim to construction errors or challenges. This will improve your professional reputation too!

Saving time and winning bids

From end to end, all construction projects are complex. That’s why efficiency and accuracy are so critical.

By adopting an advanced, reliable estimating software system, you can consistently optimise your workflow and reduce the time you spend preparing for projects or fixing issues along the way.

As your estimating software saves you time, you’ll be able to devote more attention to the work that you do. This means you’re more likely to stay on track and meet deadlines, even with time to spare!

When you have more time up your sleeve, you can take on more construction projects! But that’s not all. Soon, you’ll earn a reputation for your timely execution of tasks and the quality you can deliver.

When clients hear about your expertise and the accuracy of your estimates, they’ll be interested in what you can do for them. This will make your bids more competitive than ever before, helping you stand out from the crowd and highlight your strength as a contractor of choice.


Get ready to see how high-quality estimating software can improve the way your construction business operates! Try BUILDXACT today, and start winning more bids now.

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