Bathroom Design Professional 5 Tips for the Perfect Renovation !

Bathroom Design is always very individual. Will all the features of your particular premises be taken into account and presented most advantageously? How to hide flaws and accommodate everything that will make the bathroom comfortable. Bathroom supply store New Bathroom Style recommends before the renovation is making a plan.

The renovation will not be a natural disaster for you but an opportunity to show your style, implement ideas and even create decor with your own hands.

Mosaic decoration – Bathroom Design

Mosaic in design is a very convenient type of decoration. With its help, you can decorate the most difficult-to-reach places, for the decoration of which you would have to cut ceramic tiles. The small size of the mosaic tiles will save you this problem.

The mosaic will perfectly cope with the task of finishing rounded shapes, posts, columns. The mosaic countertop under your unique bathroom vanity is also a striking and memorable element.

With the help of a mosaic, you can highlight the areas you would like to draw attention to.

And also, mosaic decoration will add a Mediterranean, oriental flavor. Mix interior styles, experiment. Usually, the result is a perfect design, as you intuitively combine ideas close to you!

Color plays a role

The bright decor creates a mood charged with positive and cheerfulness. If you have a small bathroom, it is wiser to make it light and monochromatic. But to highlight the zones, you can use bright decorative elements of a small size. Such an interior looks light and spacious. For the same purpose, take a look at plumbing without heavy pedestals attached to the wall. You can use the floating bathroom vanity. By the way, in such a room, it is also easy to keep clean.

For small bathrooms, they prefer Scandinavian style, minimalism, modern, modern, ethnic style for Bathroom Design.

Mirror and proportions

Optical illusion techniques are actively used in interior design. Everyone knows the property of a mirror to expand space. You can make your bathroom broader and more prolonged, taller, or more profound. Angled to each other, the mirrors will completely change the bathroom space on Bathroom Design.

If you can boast of having a window, a mirror will double the effect of nature in your home. With the same technique, you can quickly increase the amount of light in the bathroom. One has only to position the mirror so that the existing lamps are reflected in it.

An exciting option is a medicine cabinet with light or uses mirror tiles as a baseboard. The feeling is that the walls and furniture are “floating in the air.”

Minimalism and hi-tech

Interior styles such as minimalism and hi-tech support the ideas of free space and light-filled rooms. More often than not, this is what our bathrooms lack.

So, we take into service:

  • light colors of ceramic tiles or plaster
  • mirrors – the more, the better
  • glass accessories and chrome parts
  • cold shades in the decoration add freshness and enlarge the space
  • built-in lamps and lighting
  • minimum of pieces of furniture and hidden niches

You can read more about how to decorate a bathroom here about decorating a bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom

No matter what size your bathroom is, there is an opportunity to indulge in luxurious design. Interior styles such as classic (see the classic bathroom style), art deco, neoclassic can inspire you. Elegant furniture made of natural wood, a combination of soft pastel shades with the decor in bronze and gold, can transform your bathroom.

A brighter option in the art deco style is possible: juicy noble colors, gold, chrome, a chandelier with pendants, and decoration on the walls. However, luxury should be in everything – get yourself a Jacuzzi!

Suppose repairs in your home are not foreseen, but you still want to change. In that case, we advise you to replace the accessories or install a modern bathroom vanity in your bathroom completely. The option is inexpensive and can be implemented within one day.

Place a dispenser for liquid soap, a holder for toothbrushes and toothpaste, a soap dish in the chosen color and style on the shelves. Match towels to match. With completely neutral walls, with the help of only one accessory, you can get an exciting bathroom in styles: Provence, Art Nouveau, Mediterranean, Japanese.

Spectacular decor can do a lot

Modern materials allow you to embody most of your ideas. For example, ceramic tiles with a printed photo. It’s great to take a shower under the “jets of a waterfall” or splash in a bathtub “under the palm trees on the ocean shore”!
Stretch ceilings with a picture of a shark and exotic fish swimming above you are also impressive.

Play around with all the nuances of your space. Niches, risers, partitions, and ledges you do not need but cannot get rid of turning them into advantages. By combining tiles of different colors and textures, placing the backlight, you can hide some of the disadvantages of the layout.

Mirrors located on the doors of the wall cabinets will make them invisible.

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