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Renewable biomass is "biological" organic mass derived from living organisms. Keywords : wood, wood by-products, plants, plant residues, animal wastes, organic substrates.
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Sindicatum Sustainable Resources

Developer, owner and operator of clean energy projects worldwide and a producer of sustainable products from natural resources and waste.
2 -

Steam and Control Systems, Inc.

Engineering firm, which designs and builds plants to produce energy from renewable biomass fuels including wood waste, rice hulls, bagasse and papermill sludge.
3 -

Organics Ltd.

Designs, manufactures and installs environmental protection systems. Primary product range covers equipment for the safe collection and disposal of landfill gas and leachate.
4 -

A.T. Biopower

Biomass energy project company developing rice husk fueled power plants in central Thailand.
5 -


Consulting, engineering, know-how and contracting for the biotechnology industry. Company focuses on contracting of tailormade plants based on proprietary technology and/or client technology for the sugar, starch, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.
6 -


Danish company specializing in plants and equipment for heat and electricity production based on biomass fuels such as straw and wood. The company has participated in over 200 projects so far worldwide.
7 -

PureVision Technology, Inc.

PureVision has developed a BioMass to Ethanol technology utilizing enzymatic hydrolysis. The feedstock for the process can be any fibrous biomass such as cornstover, rice straw, and woody by products.
8 -

Sorghum Energy Management Company

Project in the UK to produce environmentally sustainable energy from sorghum crop.
9 -

Ankur Scientific Energy Technologies PVT. LTD.

Founded in 1986, the company specializes in the manufacture of biomass gasifiers and solar hot water systems.
10 -


Australian company involved in renewable biomass project development through the provision of innovative technology and engineering.
11 -

Headwaters, Inc.

Synthetic fuels industry reagent supplier, offering full technical support, operations management, research and design, in South Jordan, Utah. (Nasdaq: CVOL).
12 -

SeQuential Biofuels

Promotes and sells ASTM certified fuels created from biomass, such as biodiesel and ethanol.
13 -

Bioenergy Australia

Formed in July 1997 by the Energy Research and Development Corporation, in collaboration with RIRDC and the Australian Greenhouse Office. Provides information on industry participants and activities. Includes worldwide biomass links.
14 -

Environmental Energy, Inc.

Working to produce butanol using common agricultural feedstocks not only for use as a solvent, but as a fuel that can replace gasoline. Compares butanol to gasoline, future plans, and quick facts.
15 -

ITEC Refining and Marketing and Company Ltd.

Marketing fuel, industrial and beverage grade alcohols and derivative products.
16 -

Pure Energy Corporation

Develops and commercializes cleaner burning motor fuels and production technologies to produce bio-chemicals, some of which are components of those fuels. Also offers additives.
17 -

James and James Science Publishers

Publishes and maintains worldwide renewable energy industry directories online.
18 -

Pinnacle Corn Stoves

Corn burning stoves. Provides rates, accessories, specifications and models.
19 -

Conversion And Resource Evaluation Ltd.

Technical and engineering services, consultancy, in biomass and waste thermal conversion by combustion, gasification and pyrolysis. Also specializes in techno-economic assessments, IPPC applications and waste management.
20 -

Sapphire Energy

Produces high-octane gasoline using sunlight, carbon dioxide, and algae. Lists press releases, the scientific team, and their investors.
21 -


Has facilities producing biodiesel and cellulosic ethanol. Locations in India and the United States.
22 -

Propel Inc.

A privately-held biodiesel distribution and services company based in Seattle, Washington, United States. Also offers E-85.
23 -

Inbicon A/S

Working to produce bio-refineries that produce electricity using decomposition of biomass waste in Denmark. Describes their research efforts, the technology used, and offers news items.
24 -


Working to create technology for more efficient growth of algae for use in biofuels, nutraceuticals, and environmental benefits. FAQ, production applications, and news items.
25 -

Sunomi, LLC.

Manufacturer of briquetting systems for clean, slow-burning solid fuel, to produce heat or electricity. Details of machines, with installation offered throughout the Americas, from Atlanta, Georgia.
26 -

LiveFuels Inc.

Working to produce fuel and other products from algae. Lists challenges of using algae, news items, and the technology used. Based in California, United States.
27 -

W2 Energy

Produces syngas from hydrocarbon feedstock, converts syngas into electricity and liquid fuels, and also provides carbon and pollution sequestration. Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
28 -

Green Star Products, Inc.

Working to produce biorefineries for cellulosic ethanol, biodiesel, and algae-based biofuels. Based in the United States.
29 -

Spilling Technologies GmbH

Spilling designs, constructs and delivers everything from the steam engine to the complete system for generating electricity from biomass.

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