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Biodiesel Websites

This category is for companies that provide services or goods for the production and distribution of biodiesel, an alternative to diesel fuel.
1 -

Biofuel Systems

Offers a range of biodiesel processing equipment from simple, compact processing kits to a full-scale commercial plant with equipment, personnel and training provided as required. Also offers fuel additives. Based in Neston, England, UK.
2 -

World Energy

Provides alternative fuel (biodiesel) solutions for federal, state, utility, transit, municipal, and private fleets.
3 -

Pacific Biodiesel, Inc.

Produces a clean, renewable diesel alternative fuel from waste vegetable oil. Includes press releases, contact details, and media resources. Based in Kahului, Hawaii.
4 -

Grown Fuel Biodiesel Consultancy

An independent consultancy in Australia with experience in every aspect of the biodiesel industry, offering tailor-made biodiesel production plants using proven production methods as well as feasibility assessments.
5 -

Community BioFuels

A consulting, marketing and manufacturing company bringing biodiesel and bioheating oil to the motor fuel and heating oil markets.
6 -

Greenergy International Limited

Suppliers of biofuels. Includes FAQ and company history. Offices in England, Germany, and Switzerland.
7 -

Triangle Biofuels Industries

Manufactures biodiesel in Raleigh, North Carolina for business and government from virgin and waste vegetable oils.
8 -

BQ-9000 Quality Management Program

A cooperative and voluntary program for the accreditation of producers and marketers of biodiesel fuel.
9 -

Rothsay Biodiesel

Commercial-scale producer of biodiesel in Dundas, Ontario, Canada. Describes the fuel, the company, and statistics about their production.
10 -

Ender LLC, Inc.

Plans to produce biodiesel (B100) from virgin soybean and rapeseed oil feedstocks for the diesel market in the United States. Based in Detroit, Michigan. Contains company information, a prospectus for investors and a description of the planned technology.
11 -

Milligan Bio-Tech Inc.

Produces a diesel conditioner that is a blend of canola based products for their cleaning and lubricity properties. Based in Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada.
12 -

Rocky Mountain Biodiesel Consulting

Works to develop the commercial biodiesel industry in the United States. Based in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
13 -

Bay Biodiesel LLC

Biodiesel producer in Martinez, California, United States. Their fuel is distributed by Golden Gate Petroleum.
14 -

Community Fuels

Producer of biodiesel in California, United States. FAQs, upcoming events, and announcements.
15 -

Western Iowa Energy, LLC.

30 million gallon biodiesel production facility in Wall Lake, Iowa, United States. Announcements, partners, and benefits of the fuel.
16 -

Argent Energy

Produces biodiesel from tallow and used cooking oil by-products. Located near Motherwell, Scotland.
17 -


Biodiesel suppliers in the UK by tanker truck. Lists benefits of the fuel and benefits fleet owners will experience.
18 -

Octana Biodiesel Industry Services

Provides multi-feedstock technology for the production of biodiesel and delivers complete solutions for the development of biodiesel production plants. Madrid, Spain.
19 -

Simple Fuels

Constructing an industrial-scale production facility that will utilize local restaurant grease as their feedstock. Reno, Nevada, United States.
20 -

Integrity Biofuels

Offers B100 soy biodiesel. Lists their services and company history. Morristown, Indiana, United States.
21 -

Biox Corporation

Uses their own process to develop ASTM D6751 and EN 14214 grade biodiesel from any feedstock, vegetable oils, and other oils. They operate a 1 million litre capacity plant in Oakville, Ontario Canada.
22 -

CentralBioDiesel HTP S.A.

Manufactures biodiesel reactors that can produce approximately 200 gallons a day and can be expanded to over 2300 gallons a day. Based in Costa Rica.
23 -


Factory producing rapeseed oil for sale to biodiesel manufacturers. Located in the Gabrovo region in Bulgaria.
24 -

Imperium Renewables

Produces biodiesel refining and manufacturing technology. Seattle, Washington, United States.
25 -

Renewable Energy Group

Designs and builds turn-key biodiesel plants based in Ralston, Iowa, United States. Project updates, facilities, definitions, and a certificate of analysis.
26 -

Franken Filtertechnik KG

Manufacturer of phase separators, filtration and wash systems for Biodiesel. Includes technical details, graphs and photos of the equipment.
27 -

BioWorks Australia

Supplier of biodiesel production equipment ranging in size from 150 liters to 44,000 liters. Also includes details of training courses, quality and fuel for sale.
28 -


UK based company that sells tanks, dispensing equipment and flow meters suitable for use with biodiesel.
29 -

Wintek Corporation

Produces equipment suitable for methanol stripping and recovery from biodiesel and glycerin. Also produces dehydration systems. Based in USA.
30 -

Abatec SA

An Argentinian manufacturer of high temperature, pressurized jet reactors with capacities from 400 to 4000 L/day
31 -

DieselGreen Fuels

Sells biodiesel and used cooking oil (WVO) for fuel (wholesale and retail) and does conversions to run on WVO. Located in Austin, Texas.
32 -

Nanoelf Biodiesel

Manufacturer of Biodiesel Plant and Equipment. Also contains a forum dedicated to small scale biodiesel manufacture. Located in South Africa.
33 -


A UK company trading in bio fuels, especially biodiesel. Contains fuel pricing, products, services and contact details.
34 -

Feece Oil Fuel

A biodiesel supplier based in Illinois. Contains details on outlet locations, services, products offered and contact information.
35 -

Duda Diesel LLC

An on-line store supplying filters & chemicals for biodiesel production. Includes a discussion forum and information on straight vegetable oil as a fuel.
36 -

Chemiphase Ltd

UK based company that manufactures biodiesel additives. These include pour point additives, cetane improvers, antioxidants and pH correction chemicals.
37 -

Biodiesel of Las Vegas

Uses virgin soybean oil and waste fryer oil to make their fuel. Production of about 20,000 gallons a day. Site contains a photo gallery of their facility, a blog and contact details. Based in Nevada, United States
38 -

Biodiesel Analytical Solutions

Contains details on the Mcgyan process for manufacturing biodiesel. The company also supplies lab equipment suitable for the biodiesel process.
39 -

BDI - BioEnergy International AG

Manufactures plants for producing clean, renewable biodiesel fuel from waste vegetable oil and other resources. Lists products, describes their processes, and their feedstocks.
40 -


A South African Research and development company that develops biofuel technology and biodiesel equipment. Contains equipment details as well as details of past projects.
41 -

NEOS Resources plc

A global biodiesel producer produced from the Jatropha Curcas tree. Based in London, England and Geneva, Switzerland.
42 -

Ageratec AB

Offers biodiesel production equipment. Lists references, an overview of the transesterification process, and environmental benefits of biodiesel. Norrköping, Sweden.
43 -

SeQuential Biofuels, Inc.

Produces biodiesel from seed oils and recycled restaurant grease in Salem, Oregon, United States.
44 -

Biodiesel Technologies, s.r.o.

Containerized biodiesel manufacturing equipment and related environmental technologies. Company history, products offered, references and FAQs. Based in Austria.
45 -


They have created a large network of biodiesel production facilities in the United States. Describes biodiesel, affiliate projects, and research information.
46 -

Solazyme, Inc.

Renewable oil and bioproducts company whose technology uses algae to produce oils and biomaterials in standard fermentation facilities.
47 -

Waterfall Group

Distributor of biodiesel in western Canada. Describes the company, the fuel, and lists news items.
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