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Any energy source that is naturally replenishable, including wind, sun, geothermal, oceans and rivers, and biomass.
This category tree is for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service providers of renewable energy products.
The category is divided into a number of specific sub-categories.

1 -

Green Pages

The global directory for environmental technology and guide to environmental products and services.
2 -

EMD International AS.

Danish software and consultancy firm assisting countries with planning and documenting environmental energy projects.
3 -

Michael Stavy

Specialist in the technical, financial, tax and regulatory issues concerning renewable energy and distributed generation projects.
4 -

Supplies equipment for living beyond the electric grid including solar, generators, inverters, and wind power units.
5 -

Solarpath Energy Systems

Solar, wind, and hydroelectric systems, products and accessories.
6 -

Windstream Power Systems

Renewable energy manufacturer and distributor of human, solar, wind and microhydro systems.
7 -

Green Star

A self-contained solar-powered system, delivering electricity, electronic commerce, pure water, education, telemedicine and support for agriculture and light manufacturing to any community in the world.
8 -

Hotwire Enterprises

High output wind generators, solar panels (Siemens and Canrom), low-amp port fans, and related products available for folks who need to be energy-independent.
9 -

Engineering Services Co.

Helping people and companies save energy and money through conservation of energy, and providing renewable energy systems and equipment to meet your needs.
10 -


Supplies data acquisition and control systems, sensors and instruments for energy, including solar and wind energy, agro meteorology and environment. System design and engineering, installation, training and consultancy.
11 -

Pedal-a-Watt Stationary Bike Power

Use your bicycle to generate electricity, download plans or buy the bicycle.
12 -


Solar energy system information, panels, products, installation and service.
13 -

Technology Transition Corporation

Consultation and marketing company concentrating on clean and renewable energy technologies.
14 -

New England Solar Electric

An alternative energy provider dealing in solar power products, wind power products and other alternative energy equipment including inverters, generators, and a line of LP gas products.
15 -

Great Lakes Energy Systems

Solar power systems (photovoltaic), trace inverters, trace chargers, trace controllers, storage batteries and installations.
16 -

Zephyr Industries, Inc.

Power Vent battery box ventilator with back draft damper for renewable energy systems with lead acid batteries.
17 -

Mark Snyder Electric

Alternative Energy products and services such as electrical contracting, solar panels, power generators, batteries, windmills, and books.
18 -

Treeplast, thermoplastic wood

A natural, wood-like, renewable and biodegradable material (biopolymer) for injection moulding.
19 -

Solar Solutions Inc.

Specializes in renewable energy and conservation devices to aid in the preservation of our resources.
20 -

ETTE Elektro

Details of horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines using a permanent magnet generator, and micro-hydro turbines, featuring cross-flow and vertical systems for rivers and tidal estuaries, manufactured at Vegårshei, Norway.
21 -


Manufacturer and exporter of solar flat plate collectors and solar water heating systems, installer of wind mill battery chargers and wind mill pumping.
22 -

EV Solar Products

Design, installation, and sale of solar electric, wind, and water pumping systems. Products include inverters, solar panels, and solar electric components.
23 -

Sun Electronics

Solar and wind systems for remote homes, telecommunications and backup power.
24 -

Energotech S.A.

Research design and manufacturing of renewable energy systems.
25 -

Sierra Solar Systems

Design and supply solar, wind, and micro-hydro electric systems. Includes a store, design centre and related links.
26 -

Northern Power Systems

Designs, manufactures, installs, and services power systems using renewable solar and wind resources.
27 -

SGA Energy Limited

Canadian consulting firm providing engineering and social science services in renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate change and international development.
28 -

Powercorp Pty Ltd.

Develop management systems for all levels of power station operation including demand side management and integration of renewable energy such as hydro and wind turbines.
29 -

The Sun Electric Company

Full line solar electric and wind power back-up power systems for domestic and commercial clients.Includes renewable energy resource.
30 -

Vermont Solar Engineering Inc.

Designers, suppliers, and installers of renewable energy systems. Catalog, portfolio, and ordering information.
31 -

Renewable Choice Energy

Green product and renewable energy company currently doing market research using an online green product survey prior to product launch.
32 -

Solaroil Systems BV

The Netherlands. Promoting the use of pure plant oil (PPO) as fuel for automobiles. Multi-lingual site.
33 -

Center for Resource Solutions

US certification program provides a way to identify energy options, everyday consumer products and services that meet strict consumer protection and environmental standards from San Francisco.
34 -

Sustainable Earth Technologies

Design, supply and installation of renewable energy systems including solar, wind and hydro power systems. SEIAA accredited designers and installers.
35 -

Sun Lizard Pty Ltd

Develops and promotes renewable energy devices and practices. Main products are the Sun Lizard solar air heater and cooler, and biodiesel production and consultancy.
36 -

Independent Power Corporation

Design, engineer and install solar, wind and hydroelectric power generation systems .
37 -


Solar and wind energy systems.
38 -

AltEnergyMag - Events Calendar

Extensive annotated links to meetings and conferences on renewable energy in Asia, Europe, and North America.
39 -

AltEnergyMag - The Renewable Energy Magazine

Emagazine archives news and articles on subjects including solar energy, wind energy, biomass, and hybrid vehicles, primarily US and Canada.
40 -

Whitefox Technologies

A cleantech engineering company specializing in advanced membrane based technologies and applications. Provides company history, career opportunities and news. London, United Kingdom and Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
41 -

SALT Service, Inc.

Design, installation, and component manufacturing of systems engineered for offshore and remote power systems.
43 -

Efston Solar

Focuses on solar energy products and services. Covers technologies, product specifications, system configuration and installation options as well as available provincial energy subsidies. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
44 -

Thermal Management Specialists

Details of the range of products available along with contact information.

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