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Listings of covens, which may be defined as follows: A group of people, gathering to share information, perform rituals, inspire poetry, worship the Deity in many Aspects or teach. May also be called temple, grove, gathering, tribe, or other such unusual listings.- Category ID : 460773
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Coven Oldenwilde

Founded in 1994; teaching materials and general information are available; leading public rituals in North Carolina (USA).
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Tangled Moon Coven

An explicitly teaching coven formed at Oestara 1998, in the Oak, Ash, and Thorn Tradition (OATh) of eclectic American Wicca. Located in the greater TN/KY (USA) area; open to new members, regardless of experience, accepting of all sexual orientations. Legal resources, articles, and student requirements.
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Church and School of Wicca

Material by and about the organization, includes history, course descriptions, biographies of the founders, and instructional tapes for sale.
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First Congregational Church of the Old Religion

A Wiccan gathering with the intention of creating a culture focused on enjoyment of life, one that echoes the pagan villages of the past.
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The Druidic Craft of the Wise, Lance and Grail

A member of the American Rite Tradition, information on the Tradition and Witchcraft in general.
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The Order of the Sacred Grove

A grove of Traditional covens practicing modern American witchcraft. Apprenticeship program available.
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White Oak Tree Coven

A traditional group located in Southern Ohio/Northern Kentucky (US).
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Evergreen Tradition

A lineage-based Wiccan Tradition based in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). Information about their teaching program.
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New Paths of Light

Coven seeking to bring the Wiccan/Pagan religion further into the light and into acceptance.
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Living Tapestry Circle Coven

Based in Indiana (USA) this thread of the Living Tapestry Tradition meets twice monthly, holds training circles, and occasionally joins in festivities with the wider Pagan community.
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Circle of Transformation

Teaching coven located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, dedicated to teaching the "Old Ways" of pagan spirituality. Site has information on the upcoming Sabbat, FAQs and contact information.
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Our Lady of the Woods

Based in the Los Alamos/Santa Fe area of New Mexico (USA)and incorporated as a church, they hold introductory Wicca classes.
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Sylvan Circle

Traditional Wiccan teachings in an egalitarian coven based in Columbia, Maryland (USA).
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Sylvan Grove

Located in and around Seattle, WA (USA); coven owns woodlands in trust; information on Wiccan customs.
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Circle of Joy and Sorrow

An outdoor circle in Maryland (USA) for progressive wiccans and pagans interested in non-traditional, modern, active ritual work.
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Columbian Wicca Tradition

Serves witches in and around the Columbia River Basin of the Pacific Northwest.

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