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Most research activities will either occur in academic departments or in research institutes (which may either be in universities or external). Both of these are included in this category.- Category ID : 426069
1 -

School for Advanced Research

A center for advanced study in anthropology, the humanities and Native American Art.
2 -

The Bauu Institute and Press

Small social science research institute and press. Undertakes research and publishes books in the environmental, psychological, and social sciences.
3 -

Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity

The Institute is dedicated to the multi-disciplinary study of diversity in historical and contemporary societies. Provides information on the Institute, research, staff, publications and events.
4 -

University of Vienna: Anthropology

Information on the human behavior research projects being undertaken.
5 -

Durham University: Evolutionary Anthropology Research Group

Research spans the origins and prehistoric dispersals of human populations, the comparative analysis of primate social structures, physical traits and behaviours, the evolution of the brain and cognitive faculties, and the transmission of culture through social learning.
6 -

Durham University: Medical Anthropology Research Group

Interdisciplinary research group focusing on the anthropology of health.
7 -

University of Edinburgh: Social Anthropology

Research is concentrated on the anthropology of health and illness, and the "Bones Collective", a study of the significance of human bones in different cultures.
8 -

Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology

At the University of Oxford. Provides information on research and the MSc and DPhil programs.
9 -

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: Anthropology

Research topics include human-environmental interactions, population migration, origins of domestication, linguistics and forensic anthropology.
10 -

Institute of Genetic Anthropology

Research is aimed at finding solutions to the problems faced by developing and industrialized countries such as disease, pollution, deforestation, global warming, malnutrition, criminality, war and poverty.
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