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Anthropology Websites

Anthropology is the study of humankind everywhere, throughout time. Anthropology involves the study of people, their origins, biological variations and characteristics, their languages and cultural patterns, their social structures and institutions, and their adaptation to their environment. Anthropologists strive to create useful generalizations about people and their behavior in hopes of bringing about the fullest possible understanding of human diversity. Anthropology is unique among the social sciences because of its comprehensive scope, unique methods, and particular focus on people from non-Western societies.- Category ID : 425941
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Anthropological Center for Training

A research group at Indiana University, Bloomington that focuses on the human dimensions of global environment change. Features information on training, an online newsletter, and provides a list of publications.
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Center for Human Origin and Cultural Diversity

An outreach program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis that offers instruction to people of all ages in both cultural and physical anthropology. Site features lesson plans and educational resources.
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Anthropology Tutorials

Lessons on various topics in cultural and physical anthropology. Includes glossaries, practice quizzes, and lists of related links.
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FAQs for Sci.Anthropology

Frequently asked questions for the Usenet newsgroup. Offers basic information on the field.
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AnthroScape: Human Biodiversity Forum

Biological and social anthropology forum exploring human variation and its impact on society.
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Anthropological Studies Center

A non-profit center at Sonoma State University dedicated to cultural resources management, education, research, and public service.
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Human Relations Area Files, Inc.

A non-profit consortium of schools and research institutions collecting and compiling information to facilitate cross-cultural studies in ethnography and archaeology. Features list of publications and subscription information.

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