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Gene Expression Websites

Includes sites related to processes of the Central Dogma of Genetics: transcriotion to mRNA, mRNA splicing, translation to polypeptides, modification of the resulting polypeptides by specific proteolysis and conjugation to carbohydrates, lipids and prosthetic groups. Also includes control of the processes: pre-transcriptional by factors controlling transcription to mRNA and post-transcriptional control by RNA interference (iRNA). A separate sub-category includes sites related to viral reverse transcription.- Category ID : 417058
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Reagents for transfection, gene expression, gene silencing, RNA interference, primary cell culture and sample preparation in proteomics research.
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Regulation of Gene Expression

Overview of different aspects of gene expression, including transcription, chromatin modification, and analysis of whole genomes, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass, USA.
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Eukaryotic Gene Expression Problem Set

Multiple choice questions about post-transcriptional modification of RNA, promoters, and nuclear RNA processing. From: University of Arizona, USA 1997.
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Genomes to Life

The US Department of Energy at Oak Ridge program for research in moleular biology: goals and results.
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Gene Expression: Transcription

Resource for transcription events during gene formation including schematic diagrams.
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Serial Analysis of Gene Expression

Explanation of SAGE, a method for analysis of gene expression patterns.
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Wikipedia: Gene Expression

Article with overview, and linking to definitions of topics of current interest to the public.
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Wikipedia: Expressed Sequence Tag

Article explaining EST; short sub-sequences of genes, used in mRNA sequencing and in construction of DNA microarrays.
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Wikipedia: Genetic Code

Article on the relationship between the nucleic acid base sequence and the corresponding polypeptide amino acid sequence.
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Wikipedia: Operon

Article on the group of genes in primitive organisms that are controlled by one operator and one promoter to be activated together.
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Wikipedia: Promoter

Article on the sequence located upstream of a gene that enables its translation.
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Wikipedia: Shine-Dalgarno Sequence

Article on signals that initiate protein synthesis in bacteria.
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Wikipedia: Signal Peptide

Article on the short sequences that direct the post-translational transport of proteins after synthesis.
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Gene Expression

Independent forum for discussion of gene expression.
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Laboratory of Intelligent Systems

Project at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) creating electronic models of the evolution of gene expression, neural development and similar evolution processes.
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6th International Summer School "Biocomplexity from System to Gene"

Summaries and reports from a summer school in Istambul, Turkey.
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Computer Simulation of Molecular Biology Experiments

Computer simulation of PCR amplification, AFLP-PCR and restriction digest of complete bacterial genomes.
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Wikipedia: RNA Splicing

Article on the process and pathways catalyzed by the spliceosome, in the cell nucleus of eukaryotic cells prior to translation.
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Information and news related to reporter genes, that are used to monitor activation of genes and groups of genes. The community reviews trends in reporter genes development from peer-reviewed research.
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Bioinformatic Tool to adapt Codon Usage to sequenced prokaryotes and eukaryotes, from the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany.
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Molecular Genetics

Basic principles and experimental methods of molecular genetics, maintained at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, USA.
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Taq DNA Polymerase

Product presentation from ShineGene Molecular Biotec Inc, Shanghai.
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Anatomy of a Comparative Gene Expression Study

Description of the process of comparing the gene expression in two cell populations or tissue samples by fluorescent microarray technique.
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Genes & Expression resource from NCBI

Gene expression research article collection, databases and bioinformatics software provided by National Center for Biotechnology Information. Provide technical guides for life sciences researchers.
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Bioinformatics genomic analysis software platform developed by Broad Institute. Provides tools for gene expression analysis, proteomics, and common data processing tasks. Offers online tutorials and support information.
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Article on Gene Expression by Nature journal

Educational article describe the concepts of gene expression and molecular regulation. Provides academic review on topic of gene expression, blog for discussion, and links to other resources by Nature journal.
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Teacher Guide: Gene Expression. By Ann Brokaw.

Educational guide for teachers covering topics of gene expression, RNA structure and function, transcription, RNA processing, translation, and post-translational events. Provide educational and research materials, as well as links to the lectures.
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Genome-Wide Expression

Report on a project to analyze the transcriptional regulatory circuitry of the yeast cell. From the Young Lab at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, MIT, Cambridge, Mass., USA.

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