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Firms supply research or strategies to perform research in marketing.- Category ID : 51560
1 -

Cid Gallup

Offers market research, survey research, public opinion polls, telephone interview, focus group and other market analysis tools throughout Latin America. [English/Spanish]
2 -

ICR - International Communications Research

Designers of customized marketing research studies for both consumer goods and business-to-business services companies including packaged goods marketers, telecommunications firms, pharmaceutical manufacturers, entertainment industry companies, financial and investment institutions, utilities, and consultants.
3 -


Competitive intelligence and SWOT analysis using bespoke primary research.
4 -

Harris Interactive

Market research firm using the interactive power of the internet to gather market intelligence and opinions.
5 -

Marshall Marketing & Communications

Local/National Market Research, Sociodynamics, and Qualitative Software.
6 -

Blarry House Research

A marketing research company which specializes in the organization of focus groups on a nationwide basis.
7 -

The Olinger Group

A marketing research consulting firm specializing in surveys and focus groups. We measure market and consumer attributes to guide business decision-making.
8 -

Selantek Market Research

Market Research on the Semiconductor Industry and Electronics
9 -

Cline and Davies Research Alliance

Marketing, advertising, financial, and forensic economic research and analysis. Public speaking and expert witness services.
10 -

Oxbridge Communications, Inc.

Offers a source for subscription, mailing list, print specifications, and advertising information for magazines, newsletters, catalogs, and other periodicals.
11 -

Horizon Research International

Market research services (qualitative and quantitative) to over 1,500 companies worldwide. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, the firm has undertaken thousands of studies at the national, regional, and local levels over the past 19 years.
12 -

The Insight Research Corporation

Telecommunications market research and strategic analysis reports and custom research services to major industry players. Excerpts from past work on broadband communications, ATM, fiber optics, residential telecom consumers, IP telephony, wireless, and all major areas of Telecomm.
13 -

Opinion Centers America

Marketing research company headquartered in Cleveland. Services include focus groups, phone interviews, surveys, data analysis.
14 -

Corporate Research Associates Inc.

A Canadian market intelligence and public opinion research company, dedicated to providing clients with high quality research and strategic direction.
15 -

British Balkan Social Surveys - Gallup International

Source of information about public opinion in the Balkan countries.
16 -

Taylor Research

Professional video conferencing and market research facilities in San Diego, California.
17 -

SMART Marketing Research

A marketing research firm specializing in quantitative survey research for product optimization, market segmentation and brand positioning, forecasting, and customer satisfaction measurement.
18 -

PRiMeR, Ltd.

opinion polling and marketing research in the US and worldwide -- projects include: 17 country survey of Latin America, survey of financial elites in 10 Asian countries, web and elite surveys in Europe.
19 -

Context-Based Research Group

A qualitative market research, branding and human centered product design consulting firm.
20 -

Meczka Marketing Research and Consulting

A Southern California, full-service market research companies that provides services nationally and internationally.
21 -

Forward Concepts

Provides electronics industry market research and strategic product planning assistance.
22 -

Longwoods International - Research Solutions

We go beyond data, to provide senior decision-makers with strategic research solutions and unparalleled expertise in marketing, communications, public affairs, accountability, branding and tourism.
23 -

View Finders Market Research

Market research services including focus group moderating and facilitating, interviewing services, and questionnaire design.
24 -

The Marketing Workshop, Inc.

Provides competitive marketing intelligences research and analysis.
25 -

Decision Analyst, Inc.

Specializing in product testing, concept testing, advertising research, site selection and strategy research.
26 -

RealMarket Research Corporation

Provides fact-based market intelligence to service and support (CRM) organizations.
27 -

The Wagner Group

Specializing in quality quantitative studies, specializing in magazine cover testing.
28 -

Irwin P. Sharpe & Associates

Market research, surveys and consulting for industrial, high-tech and B2B products and services.
29 -

MEE Productions

MEE is nationally recognized for its communication strategies to reach and influence urban populations. As a leader in our field, MEE is constructively using years of focus group research, award-winning production experience and industry proven marketing and advertising expertise.
30 -

Performance Research

Sponsorship research and evaluation of effectiveness for corporate sponsors and events.
31 -

Burke, Inc.

International research and consulting helps manufacturing and service companies understand and accurately predict marketplace behavior.
32 -

Market Probe, Inc.

Full-service customer-oriented marketing research firm.
33 -

AMA Research

Provides market reports covering the building and home improvement industries.
34 -

Jefferson Davis Associates, Inc.

A strategic marketing research company providing custom qualitative and quantitative market research services.
35 -

Precision Research Inc.

Marketing Research Data Collection Company specializing in focus groups and pre-recruiting projects, taste tests, jury research, audience research, medical and executive research and data processing.
36 -

The Marketing Audit

Offers market assessment, customer satisfaction, due diligence, and benchmarking consulting.
37 -

Qualitative research - traditional and internet based on-line market research services.
38 -

Consumer Insights, Inc.

Full service market research firm specializing in new product development, positioning research, assessment of marketing efforts.
39 -

Saurage Marketing Research

Full service marketing research firm serving healthcare, advertising, legal and technology industries.
40 -

Leadership Factor

Specialists in Customer Satisfaction Measurement, Satisfaction Benchmarking, Customer Satisfaction Seminars, Employee Satisfaction Measurement, Market Research.
41 -

Resolution Research

Expert market research and analysis via CATI telephone surveys. Customer satisfaction studies, executive recruitment, market share, attitude/opinion polls.
42 -

Consumer Professional Research, Inc.

Offering a wide range of market research services for both consumer and business-to-business markets.
43 -

Tragon Corporation

A full service market research company specializing in integration of marketing research and sensory evaluation for domestic and international companies in the consumer goods marketplace.
44 -

DePaulo Research Consulting

An independent marketing research consultant who conducts qualitative and quantitative studies.
45 -

DSS Research

Market research for managed care, healthcare, technology and hospitality industries. Experienced with conjoint analysis, statistical modeling, customer satisfaction and internet surveys. Certified by NCQA for HEDIS and Medicare HOS surveys.
46 -

Market Research on Electronics

Market research on telecom, wireless, internet, consumer, industrial, medical and components.
47 -

Interactive tool that allows you to listen to the latest music and give your feedback. Information is given to record companies and radio stations.
48 -

DFC Intelligence

Providing strategic market research in the interactive entertainment, video game and interactive broadcasting industries.
49 -

Marketing and Planning Systems

A research and consulting firm, providing strategic marketing counsel to a select group of distinguished clients.
50 -

Applied Marketing Science

Help companies understand the needs of their customers and translate those needs into superior new product and service designs using QFD and Voice of the Customer.
51 -

Resonant Research

Provides qualitative strategic marketing research for a variety of industries.
52 -

National Analysts, Inc.

Provides market research and consulting to help large businesses and institutions solve complex marketing problems.
53 -

King, Brown & Partners, Inc.

Full service provider of qualitative, quantitative traditional and on-line market research services.
54 -

Market Digest Online

Investing, stocks, shares, company analysis, business, financial reports, stock quotes, futures, recommendations and experts in stock market commentary.
55 -

Providing a searchable database of market research reports, newsletters, competitive intelligence data, and company profiles. Covering variety of topics, markets, and countries.
56 -


Offering market research and analysis.
57 -

Technology User Database Latin America

Market research and database management company specializing in technology and communication users information in Latin America. Facilitates technology corporations in finding new, untapped markets.
58 -

Issues & Answers

Utilizes advanced technology survey techniques for high-quality data collection in global market research.
59 -

J.D. Power and Associates

An international marketing information firm widely recognized as the "voice of the consumer." Performs consumer surveys, analyzes perspectives, and offers advanced customer satisfaction studies, analyses, and training initiatives.
60 -

Dakota World Wide Corporation

Market research specialists in market analysis, site location , consumer research, sales projections, telephone and online surveys for the grocery and other retail industries.
61 -

Pat Henry Market Research

Data analysts who use a menu of research methodologies and statistical techniques to exact meaningful insights, giving a better understanding of business situations.
62 -

DataStar, Inc

Provider of survey management and data processing services to researchers worldwide, specializing in administration of Internet-based surveys.
63 -

Research Solutions of Oklahoma

Specializing in public relations and communication web based research. From communication audits to satisfaction surveys to media relations research.
64 -

GuideStar Research

Full-service strategic research and consulting firm specializing in organizational effectiveness.
65 -


Full-service strategic marketing research and consulting company. Sample web survey, case histories, and articles.
66 -

RONIN Corporation

A market research supplier focused on the high technology industries.
67 -

Provides a variety of market research reports in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, construction and engineering, retailing and e-commerce.
68 -

Phase-5 Consulting

Services include marketing assessments, product development research, and branding communications research.
69 -

Schulman, Ronca & Bucuvalas, Inc.

Full-service global research and strategy organization offering analysis for business, government and research institutions.
70 -

Wendover Corporation

Offers internet technology solutions for businesses; includes reports and details on products and services.
71 -

Electronic Market Surveys

Manufactures a handheld survey unit enabling businesses of all types and sizes to conduct market research and customer/patient/employee satisfaction surveys. Create, download, collect, upload, and print reports.
72 -

Graff Group

Marketing research and new business development. Primarily business to business qualitative market research. Focus groups and executive interviewing.
73 -

Automotive Insight, Inc.

Conducts surveys, car clinics and focus groups for automobile manufacturers.
74 -

Strategies Unlimited

Market research reports, analysis, newsletters, and custom studies for the optoelectronic, optical communications, photovoltaic, compound semiconductor materials, and RF/wireless components industry.
75 -

Versus Research Limited

A full-service market research company offering customised qualitative and quantitative research design.
76 -

Coalesce Market Research Services

Scientific consulting firm offering market research and technical telemarkting services
77 -

Creative Focus, Inc.

An Atlanta based marketing research company.
78 -

Dodge Business Research Consulting

Integrated market research solutions for business decision-makers. Focus Group moderating and quantitative market research in business to business and consumer segments. World-wide capabilities and experience.
79 -

Focus Research, Inc.

A full service market research company with expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research offering valuable strategic input and meaningful actionable results.
80 -

International Marketing Research

Experienced in qualitative research, moderation of focus groups, online research, mystery shopping, in-depths, project management, analysis and report, multlingual,paneuropean research with report in English
81 -

Io Data Corp.

Specializes in customer satisfaction research, data solutions, market research, strategic planning, and financial analysis. Located in Salt Lake City, UT.
82 -

Market Directions

Marketing research firm, focusing on health care, financial, telecommunications, high tech and growth industries.
83 -


Market intelligence, management, analysis and research.
84 -

The Question Shop Inc.

Market research field services in Southern California
85 -

R & M Consultants

Market research and customer satisfaction surveys covering global custody, banking and investment management.
86 -

Resource Systems Group, Inc.

Offering a wide range of market research and consulting services for infrastructure and environmental management, ranging from traffic impact analysis to natural resource analysis.
87 -

Specifics, Inc.

Market research and consulting organization serving the IT services and software industries. Company profile and articles; research reports can be purchased online.
88 -

Spire Research & Consulting

Customised Market Environment Research on the business-to-business market across countries in Asia Pacific.
89 -

Through the Loop Ltd

A strategic marketing consultancy, offering consumer, marketplace and brand insight.
90 -

C R Market Surveys

Ethnic market research services: Hispanic, African American and general market. Qualitative and quantitative research services.
91 -


Forecasts of consumer spending and business environment trend analysis.
92 -

Ducker Worldwide Market Intelligence

Promotes market research studies for industrial, automotive, energy, and material industries. Sample reports are available.
93 -


Survey service, analysis and performance indicators for human resources, training, quality.
94 -

Sigma Research Management Group

Full service marketing research, both traditional and online.
95 -


Research analytics, survey design, panel management, computer-assisted telephone interviews and field work.
96 -

MACRO Consulting, Inc.

Traditional and online quantitative product research services.
97 -

Digital Research, Inc.

Qualitative and quantitative marketing research services.
98 -


Provides performance measurement to chart satisfaction, loyalty and competitive strength. [Dutch/English]
99 -

Market Decisions Corporation

Market research firm providing business and consumer information management, surveys, focus groups, usability and product development research and consulting.
100 -

The Stevenson Company

Specializes in marketing research solutions for consumer durable products and services for the home.
101 -

NPD Group

Offers marketing research services, industry tracking, data collection and analysis.
102 -

B2B International

A market research agency specialising in business to business marketing research.
103 -

Cobbey & Associates

Focus groups, surveys, usability testing, executive interviewing, and web-based surveys and research for business and consumer markets.
104 -

Insights, Inc.

Provides professional business development, consumer products and services analysis, strategic planning support, and internet market research.
105 -

Wilson Research Group

Conducts full service market research for publishing, software, hi-tech industries.
106 -

Dichter & Neira

Product and market research consultants for Central America.
107 -

RKS Research & Consulting

Market research and public opinion polling.
108 -

Karchner Marketing Research

Qualitative marketing research including focus groups and individual interviews.
109 -

GMI - Global Market Insite, Inc.

Provides software tools to manage and automate multi-country market research. Offers enterprise feedback solutions for customer, partner and employee programs.
110 -

Beacon Technologies, Ltd.

Permission-based IVR-interactive customer surveys and customer satisfaction research.
111 -

Barbara Perry Associates

Offers consulting services in fields of cultural anthropology, consumer research and team learning. Company profile and contacts.
112 -

MaCorr Research Services

Specializes in quantitative and qualitative research online, surveys, sample size optimization, advanced statistical analysis, and web panel research.
113 -

Schaefer market research GmbH

A full-service research agency specialising in market research for consumer goods and pharmaceuticals, as well as research in the services and information sectors.
114 -


Independent, full service consumer insight consultancy
115 -

Gongos, Inc.

Provides full-service research firm specializing in customer-focused new product development, product testing, clinics, focus groups, telephone, and mail studies.
116 -

The Penn Consulting Group

Provider of strategic market research and competitive intelligence services.
117 -

Directions Research, Inc.

Custom market research and survey market research. Custom market research by industry.
118 -

Discovery Research Group

Telephone marketing and research. Provides corporate profile, services, industry, and contact information.
119 -

TriMark Publications

Searchable database of market research reports, competitive intelligence data, and company profiles in biotechnology, healthcare and life sciences.
120 -

Catalina Marketing

Offer services within behavior-based marketing and targeted advertising. Located in St Petersburg, Florida, USA.
121 -

Juárez and Associates, Inc.

Market research and management consulting firm serving business, government, education and community clients, throughout the United States and Latin America.
122 -


Sells targeted business lists and maps.
123 -

The Dunvegan Group

Uses customized, proprietary survey research technologies to provide instant, actionable feedback from customers. Company profile, resources and contact information.
124 -

Angus Reid Global

A partnership dedicated to understanding public opinion around the world. Provides a daily summary of published polling results, as well as specialized advice and assistance.
125 -

ORC International, Inc.

Services include qualitative, quantitative, Hispanic and online marketing research.
126 -


Applies survey research methods to the study of advertising effectiveness.
127 -

Screen Engine/ASI

Advertising and television marketing research company.
128 -

Greenwich Associates

Conducting quantitative consumer and business surveys across the United States and Canada.
129 -

North Star Research Inc.

Focus Groups and Qualitative Research methods used for product development, marketing communication, website development and customer satisfaction in the Information Technology, High Tech, Computer and Internet industries world wide.
130 -

PJ Marketing Research - Free case studies

Get solved marketing case studies, listed with classifications.
131 -

RTi Research

Market research company delivering custom, research-based business solutions.
132 -

Field and Tab

Provides fieldwork through clean data for market research projects.
133 -

Mentors in Marketing

Marketing and market research consultancy providing services for industrial and business to business marketing.
134 -

The Nielsen Company

Provides market research, information and analysis to the consumer products and service industries worldwide.
135 -

Wayman Group, Inc.

Full service marketing research and consulting.

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