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Information and consulting resources on how to maximize employee relations. For additional information on potential and current conflict issues - see the conflict resolution sub-category- Category ID : 50304
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Holzschu, Jordan, Schiff and Associates

Prepare employee handbooks, job descriptions, performance appraisal systems for client companies around the US and overseas.
2 -

Newton-Smith Associates

Helps build employee/company relationships using a wide-range of products and services, including targeted employee newsletters, and training on a variety of topics.
3 -

Employers Association of New Jersey

A nonprofit association providing employee relations services to employers since 1916.
4 -

Employee Assistance

An employee assistance program providing customized services for the employer.
5 -

LRI Management Services

Helps organizations identify, diagnose and respond to employee relations problems.
6 -

The Gelfond Group

Innovative - Employee Opinion Surveys to transform organizations and business processes.
7 -

Jeremy & Associates

Provides professional services to people and organizations: solutions to confidential staff situations; plans for appropriate intervention and assistance; client-centered service in all areas of interaction; experienced, caring attention to individual needs.
8 -

Burke Group

California based management labor relations consulting firm.
9 -

Braun Consulting Group

Washington based consultants specialising in employee relations.
10 -


Provides a range of employee surveys and results analysis services.
11 -

Online Dynamic Surveys

Opaion Corporation specializes in the creation of online surveys for organizational change management.
12 -

Opinions Inc.

Survey research firm specializing in employee opinion surveys.
13 -

Insightlink Communications

Online and traditional employee surveys to help improve morale and reduce employee turnover.
14 -

Marketing to Employees

Inroads offers organizational culture development, employee communications, and morale from a marketing discipline.
15 -

Parker Associates

Providing support and consultation in human resources management including compliance audit, employee handbook, articles, forms, training seminars, and sexual harassment.
16 -

The Lexington Group

An independent Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offering 24-hour counseling services to more than 123,000 people in the U.S. and Canada.
17 -

KGA Global

KGA, Inc. is an Employee Assistance, Work Life and Training firm based in Framingham, Massachusetts.
18 -

People Surveys Worldwide

People Surveys are worldwide online survey specialists, offering a complete surveying and research service.
19 -

FEI Behavioral Health

A full-range of behavioral health services - including Employee Assistance Programs, Work-Life Services, and Crisis Management Services.
20 -

The Discovery Group

A management consulting firm that provides customized employee opinion, customer satisfaction, and readership surveys to help organizations make sound business decisions.
21 -

Invest EAP

A non-profit employee assistance program with Nation-wide service.
22 -

Your Employee Handbook

Personnel policy manuals for small business.
23 -

Scarlett Associates International

Employee survey systems and satisfaction measurement products.
24 -

Great Place to Work Institute, Inc.

Helping companies improve corporate performance and raise the quality of work life for their employees.
25 -

People Solutions Ltd.

Providing personnel support and management, HR outsourcing, employment litigation advice and assistance with disciplinary handling.
26 -

Human Resources and Information Technology - HRIT

Provides HR forms and employee handbooks for small and medium sized business. Also sample company policies, employee manual starter kits, assessment tools, and training videos.
27 -

Brown Consulting Group

Specialists in recruiting, retention, harassment policies and human resources services. Outsourcing, mediation, recruitment, harassment policies and coaching.
28 -

Employment Practices Specialists Inc.

Employment law training, expert witness and workplace investigations. Includes description of services and contact details.
29 -

Best Companies Group

Researches the dynamics and characteristics of great workplaces and promoting workplace excellence.
30 -

Anonymous Employee

Provides employees with the opportunity to express problems and concerns in the workplace anonymously. Employees can inform their employer through anonymous communication about the issues they face.
31 -

Provident, Inc.

Offering on-call counseling program designed to assist employees and their family members. Also life crisis and community support services.
32 -

Grote Consulting Corporation

Helps companies create best-practice performance appraisal management systems and trains managers to evaluate employee performance effectively.
33 -

ComPsych Guidance ResourcesSM

Provides information on the services, including employee assistance programs (EAP), managed behavioral health and other services, about the company and a provider directory.
34 -

Solutions EAP

Offers employee assistance programs and managed care.

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