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Motivation and Rewards Websites

The category above this says that it (Employee Relations) is for : Information and consulting resources on how to maximize employee relations. That means that the Motivation and Rewards area is for sites that either have information and consulting resources on how to motivate employees through rewards, or have results/reports regarding such attempts to motivate employees through rewards.
1 -

Xceleration, Inc.

An incentive management company specializing in on-line performance improvement programs. Also incentive travel programs and events.
2 -

C.A. Short

Develops employee award and recognition programs for service, safety, and incentives. Also holiday gifts.
3 -

The Incentive Group

Provider of incentive programs and direct mail marketing services. Case studies, and seminars.
4 -

Incentive Marketing Association

Incentive trade organization offering a directory of suppliers and information on establishing programs.
5 -

O.C. Tanner Co.

Provides employee recognition awards and programs for service, sales, performance and employee motivation services.
6 -

Hinda Incentives

Specializing in sales award and employee recognition programs. Case studies, white papers and company details.
7 -

Inmarketing Group, Inc.

Creates targeted online sales incentive, employee motivation campaigns, service award plans and customer loyalty programs.
8 -


Designs and manages recognition, incentive, reward and loyalty programs for large corporates. A division of Wishlist Holdings Ltd. Australia.
9 -

The Light Group Inc.

Specializes in performance incentives and employee recognition programs through the use of incentive travel and catalog merchandise both online and off line.
10 -

Partners for Incentives

Offers turn-key employee performance and recognition programs. News and online catalogs.
11 -

Webb Communications, Inc. - Bright Rewards

Providing web-based customized employee reward and sales incentives programs. Case histories and samples.
12 -

Select-Your-Gift, Inc.

Provider of awards for employee motivation and recognition. Employees choose their own gift from a gift album.
13 -

Periodical on motivation and performance improvements, including articles on travel and merchandise/gifts. Also features industry events and newsletters.
14 -


Provider of incentive programs utilizing online games. Employees are awarded the right to play online games and can earn points redeemable for prizes.
15 -

Loyaltyworks, Inc.

Designs, builds and runs incentive and loyalty programs for B2B customers, channel partners, and employees.
16 -

Provides incentive program solutions as an integrated business solution provider and a strategic partner posed to help drive performance.
17 -

Rewards Nation

Engage and motivate the middle 60% of employees through public praise, positive reinforcement, friendly competition and peer exchange.
18 -

Carlton Group

A full service performance improvement company specializing in incentive and recognition, e-learning, promotion and sales force automation programs.
19 -

Paramax Inc.

Supplier of incentive and reward program platforms.
20 -


Solutions include a wide range of tailor-made programs which increase customer and employee performance, retention, loyalty, engagement and ultimately ROI.
21 -

Awards Network

Employee recognition and incentive programs for businesses.
22 -

Quality Incentive Company

An incentive and recognition company providing solutions that improve performance by rewarding results and reinforcing positive change.
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