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Kabaddi is a popular game among the people of Asia, especially in the villages of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Japan. Some people believe it is an Indian game but no one knows the origin of this game. Some historians believe that it is nearly a 4,000 year old game.

Kabbadi involves skills and powers of two teams and combines the characteristics of wrestling and rugby. It was originally meant to develop self defense, in addition to responses to attack, and reflexes of counter attack by individuals, and by groups or teams. It is a rather simple and inexpensive game, and neither requires a massive playing area, nor any expensive equipment. This explains the popularity of the game in rural areas. Kabaddi is played all over Asia with minor variations.

Kabaddi is also known by various names such as Chedugudu or Hu-Tu-Tu in southern parts of India, Hadudu (Men) and Chu - Kit-Kit (women) in eastern India, and Kabaddi in northern India. Jhoo played in Iran, and Cattl- Category ID : 471760

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Contains information on the history of the game, playing rules and various types.
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Kabaddi Games

Stories, history, and how to play.
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Home of Kabaddi

Kabaddi videos, photos, profiles, rules, links and discussion board.
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Calcutta Street - Kabaddi Photos

Kabaddi gallery by Keisuke Inano. Photos taken from various tournaments.
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Kabaddi International Federation

Official site of the World Kabaddi Federation, headquartered in India. Includes history, organizational structure, rules, international events and directory.
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Wikipedia - Kho Kho

A simple primer on game, also includes specifications of playing field and equipment required
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Asian Amateur Kabaddi Federation

The Official Website of Asian Amateur Kabaddi Federation affiliated to Olympic Council of Asia.
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History and Basic Information

Information on history of the game as well as prominent tournaments, organizations and players
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