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Dowsing Websites

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1 -

Leylines and Dowsing

Articles on history an use of leylines and dowsing. [Dutch and English]
2 -

The British Society of Dowsers

Events, background, news, fact sheets and membership information.
3 -

South Herefordshire Dowsers

Information about this group, including membership details, newsletter, and details of talks and meetings. Based in Aston Ingam, England.
4 -

American Society of Dowsers, New Hampshire

Organization information and bookstore catalog
5 -

Canadian Society of Dowsers

Instructions on how to dowse, articles by well-known international dowsers, Canadian resources for tools, books, upcoming events, and annual convention information.
6 -


Information about dowsing from mystical world wide web.
7 -

The Geo Group

Finding places of power: dowsing earth energies. Dowsing is the intuitional practice or technique for locating these earth energies.
8 -

Digital Dowsing

Methods and tips on different tools and ways of dowsing and other links.
9 -

Divining Mind

Offers pendulums made in a variety of materials for sale as well as links to related resources.
10 -

Treasure Maps to the World

Using dowsing techniques to mark maps showing locations of treasures, currency, missing persons, and human remains.
11 -

Alicja Centre of Well-Being

Online store offering pendulums, pyramids and other dowsing implements. Includes news and product details.
12 -

Canadian Dowsing Organizations

Entry point to organizations and local meetings - learn how to Dowse, and its many uses.
13 -

Digital Dowsers (eGroups)

The International Society of Dowsers and Research Association. All dowsing discussion and research welcome.
14 -

Neil F. Anderson - Dowsing and Labyrinths

Professional dowser and labyrinth constructor who offers individual consultations and group workshops to aid in the clearing of energies.
15 -

Dowsers (eGroups)

For discussion of dowsing and related topics.
16 -

American Society of Dowsers

Organization information and bookstore catalog.
17 -

Offering dowsing services, dowsing accessories and dowsing training in Canada.
18 -

Flowing Dragons Pendulum Dowsing

Dowsing information page, page of frequently asked questions, and professional fee schedule.
19 -

Nature Sprite Divining Rods

Products, information, and links.
20 -

3H Dowsing International LLC

Classes, books, and tools available for purchase.
21 -

Millennium Products for Personal Power, Inc.

Pendulums for purchase along with short articles on their history and uses.
22 -

Canadian Society of Questers

CSQ members practice dowsing to contact the energies within.
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