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Special Forces Search Engine on Denmark

Links to Danish Special Forces and other units and governmental departments.
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Special Operations: Commandogram from Denmark

Denmark is sending a team of its Jægerkorpset (JGK) commandos to Afghanistan, to deal with a local group of Taliban who have been attacking Danish troops there.
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Patruljekompagniet (at Wikipedia)

The Patrol Company or PTL COY is the only remaining Long Range Surveillance Company (LRSC/LRRP) in the Danish Armed Forces.
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Danish Special Forces Badges

Military badges from all around the world. Military badge collection of Danish SOF and special units badges.
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Special Support and Reconnaissance Company - Wikipedia

Special Support and Reconnaissance Company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Danish Frogman Corps - Wikipedia

Description of capabilities of the Danish Navy Special Operations Forces.
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Jægerkorpset / Huntsmen Corps - Wikipedia

Jægerkorpset or Huntsmen Corps (Denmark) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, description of capabilities and known operations.
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Danish Special Operations Forces

Danish Special Operations Forces and Patrols (LRRP/LRS-units). Denmark has five national SOF and LRRP units: Jaeger Corps, Frogman Corps, Sirius-patrol (Arctic), Patrol Company / Danish Division, Patrol Company / Army Operations Command Denmark (AOC). Counter Terrorist tasks are carried out by the Police unit Aktionsstyrken (AKS) - the special reaction force.
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Thomas Rathsack - Wikipedia

Thomas Rathsack is a former member of the Danish Army Special Operation Forces, Jægerkorpset. He wrote a book about his experience as a special forces soldier in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, titled Jæger – i krig med eliten (Hunter - fighting with the elite).
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Danish Special Forces Helmand Raw Footage (YouTube)

Danish Special Forces from Jægerkorpset, The Hunter Corps, engage the Taliban in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
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The Patrol Company to the Danish Army Operational Command

Long range surveillance company (LRSC) in the Danish Home Guard. As one of two LRSC available to the AOC the overall task of PTL COY / AOC is to provide tactical military intelligence for the Army Operational Command Denmark (AOC Denmark). Mission, Selection and contact-information.
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Special Operations - Coalition Forces - Denmark

Danish SOF and CT-units, SOF enablers, and LRRP units.
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The Jaegercorps - A Danish special operations force

Descriptions and pictures of Dansih SOF units including the Danish JaegerCorps and FrogmanCorps.
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Fromandskorpset (Frogman Corps) - A Danish Special Operations Force

Denmarks Fromandskorpset (Frogman Corps), is an amphibious Special Operations unit modeled after the British Special Boat Squadron (S.B.S.).
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Danish Special Forces - Video Dailymotion

Watch the video «Danish Special Forces» uploaded by GarethGrehan on Dailymotion.
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Jaeger: Danish SOF At War in Afghanistan

Bookreview of Jaeger: Danish SOF At War in Afghanistan on SOFREP - several excerpts from Thomas Rathsack’s book “Jaegar”.
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ShadowSpear - Danish Special Operations

ShadowSpear Special Operations website on Danish Special Operations Units: Frogman Corps (NAVSOF) and Jaeger Corps (ARMY SOF).
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