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Vietnam War Websites

This category is for sites about prisoners of war and those missing in action during the Vietnam War.- Category ID : 445091
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Rolling Thunder - New Hampshire Chapter 1

Publicizes POW/MIA issues. Membership information, list of officers, event calendar, newsletter, photo gallery, and contact details.
2 -

In Remembrance of Calvin C Glover

A Remembrance site for Calvin C Glover, US Air Force, POW/MIA over Laos in 1968.
3 -

Vietnam POW/MIA: Burt C. Small Jr.

Tribute page to Burt C. Small Jr.
4 -

Tribute to POW/MIA Michael Estocin

The story of POW/MIA Michael Estocin.
5 -

Library of Congress POW/MIA Homepage

Vietnam-era Prisoner of War and Missing in Action database.
6 -

POW/MIA Michael Leroy Batt

A remembrance page for POW/MIA Michael Leroy Batt, missing since March 16,1969.
7 -

In Memory of Thomas Y. Adachi

In memory of POW/MIA Thomas Y Adachi, USAF MIA 1970.
8 -

Voices, The Spirit of the American Soldier

The story of POW/MIA USAF Tsgt. Richard M. Cole.
9 -

Tracers POW/MIA Bunker

The story of POW/MIA Billie D. Hill.
10 -

What I can do - I will -

A tribute to Korean and Vietnam War POW/MIA/KIA, but dedicated to all American veterans.
11 -

POW/MIA Ronnie Hensley

A memorial page to POW/MIA Ronnie Hensley and his crew.
12 -

Never Forget

Remembrance page to POW/MIA Ronald James Schultz.
13 -

Steven H. Adams USAF

Steven H. Adams, USAF, Pararescue listed as MIA in Vietnam.
14 -

A Tribute: Let Us Remember and Be Grateful

Site dedicated to POW-MIAs, veterans and active military. Also, specific pages on POW/MIAs James T. Egan, Jr. and Charles James Ramsay, USMC.
15 -

POW/MIA James T. Egan, - USMC

A page dedicated to Major James T. Egan, Jr.
16 -

POW/MIA Floyd Henry Robinson

Remembrance page to POW/MIA Floyd Henry Robinson.
17 -

Tribute page to POW/MIA Samuel Adams

The story of POW/MIA Samuel Adams.
18 -

Library of Congress Federal Research Division

The Library of Congress Vietnam-Era Prisoner-of-War/Missing in Action Database.
19 -

Bring Them Home

Poetry dedicated to American POW/MIAs from the Vietnam War.
20 -

PFC James R. Maxwell, USMC

Dedicated to the memory of James R. Maxwell, who has been declared killed and missing since 15 May 1975
21 -

SP/5 Michael Frederic May

A tribute to POW/MIA Michael Frederic May.
22 -


Searchable database for the POW/MIAs of the Vietnam War.
23 -

POW/MIA CW2 Alan Wendell Gunn

The story of POW/MIA CW2 Alan Wendell Gunn.
24 -

James R. Thomas-Missing in Action

A tribute to POW/MIA James R. Thomas.
25 -

SSgt. Leo Earl Seymour

The story of the Staff Sergeant, a POW/MIA missing in Laos and abandoned by the U.S. government.
26 -

Rice Paddy Stew & Saigon Tea

POW/MIA tribute with icons.
27 -

POW/MIA Issue in Minnesota

Missing Minnesota servicemen from the Vietnam War, prominent personalities who have been involved in the issue, and a history of the issue in Minnesota.
28 -

All Veterans Memorial

Depicting the All Veterans Memorial located within Memorial Park Davenport, IA.
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