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Aviation Websites

This category is for sites that provide information related to issues that affect air travelers.- Category ID : 441506
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National Safe Skies Alliance

An FAA-funded, non-profit, membership-based organization that serves aviation by providing impartial and effective testing and evaluation of safety and security systems.
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Provides useful information for the traveling public, including details of recent fatal accidents involving the major airlines of the world.
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Angel Flight Central

Medical and charity air transportation for reasons of compassion or community service. Donor and partner list, local chapters, areas covered, volunteer forms and links.
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Air Transport Users Council

Consumer watchdog for the airline industry in the United Kingdom. It advises air travellers on their rights, helps passengers obtain redress where they have been badly treated, and promotes the wider interests of airline passengers.
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Airline Safety

Dedicated to the subject of airline safety and seeks to provide a forum for the discussion of airline safety policies and issues.
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Aviation History of Southern California

Profiles aviation accidents and early aviation history in the United States.
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Politics and Plane Crashes

Describes a four-year investigation into three plane crashes TWA 800, Pan Am 103 and Air India 182. Introduces the "Plane Truth" book of the author.
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HowStuffWorks: How Black Boxes Work

Illustrated narrative looks at the two types of black boxes, how they survive crashes and how they are retrieved and analyzed.
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Flying Safely on the Boeing 777

Provides passengers with basic information about flying and air travel. Image gallery, FAQs guest book and links.
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