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Pages or organizations which debate whether or not some or all "intellectual property" laws are unfair monopoly grants, not real private property like physical things.- Category ID : 441008
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Roundtable - 98.09

An Atlantic Unbound roundtable on the future of intellectual property and copyright law in the digital age
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Library Juice Copyright Issue

A supplement to the weekly e-zine Library Juice from September, 2000, devoted to the political and philosophical issues of intellectual property, especially as they relate to libraries and the internet.
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Information Liberation: Against Intellectual Property

A chapter from the book Information Liberation, written by Brian Martin.
4 -

A Primer On the Ethics of "Intellectual Property"

This primer provides a general framework for freeing any information covered under copyright and patent laws.
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IP Future

This group is organized to promote discussion of intellectual property laws worldwide. It is hoped that a network of interested people can come together to begin discussing a future for intellectual property law which balances the needs of people with the needs of intellectual property owners.
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Free Intellectual Property Exchange (FreeIPX)

A news and discussion site dedicated to critical analysis of the use, abuse, and relevance of IP Law. [Slash-style site]
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The Mark is the Beast

An article describing the change in the usage of trademarks, and how it stifles our use of our own language.
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The Register - Sneaky Cable Crypto Scheme in the Works

Article exposing that the cable television industry is moving to implement a copy protection scheme that will allow movie studios and cable providers to control what viewers are able to record.
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Weblog covering copyright, patent, trade mark and privacy/confidentiality issues from a mainly UK and European perspective.
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Excess Copyright

A blog about excess in Canadian and international copyright law, trademarks law and patent law. By Howard Knopf, a jurist practicing Intellectual Property law in Canada.

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