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Refugee Rights Websites

This category is for sites on the rights of refugees, either within or outside their own country.- Category ID : 440904
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El Rescate Legal Services

Non-profit organization providing free legal representation and advice for the Central American community in Los Angeles.
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No Border Network

Group of grass-roots organizations that support free migration and abolishment of borders and deportations.
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US Committee for Refugees

Defends the rights of refugees, asylum seekers, and displaced persons worldwide.
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Forced Migration Review

Published three times a year in English, Spanish and Arabic by the Refugee Studies Programme, University of Oxford. FMR enables academics, practitioners, refugees, and IDPs to share information and experience.
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Organization for Aid to Refugees

Based in Prague, the Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU) provides social counseling and legal counseling to asylum seekers and recognized refugees staying on the territory of the Czech Republic.
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BBC: Road to Refuge

Interviews, testimonials, audio, slide show, and articles about people seeking refuge from war, persecution or disaster.
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Human Rights Watch - World Report 2002

Annual report on refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, and internally displaced persons
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Forced Migration Online

Provides access to a wide variety of online resources dealing with the situation of forced migrants worldwide.
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Company providing policy research, evaluation and consulting services dedicated to issues of immigration control and asylum policy.
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National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Networking organization on immigrant and refugee issues in the United States.
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Danish Refugee Council

Independent humanitarian organization whose aim is to protect refugees in the world and Denmark through relief work, documentation, counseling, integration, language schools, repatriation and voluntary work.
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New Zealand Refugee Law website (RefNZ)

Site dedicated to New Zealand refugee law. Provides full text search in Refugee Status decisions, Appeals and High Court decisions, Statistics, etc.
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World Legal Information Institute: Refugees & Asylum

Legal directory and search engine - legislation, case-law, journals, law reform, by country and subject.
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Religion and Politics in Conflict: The Question of Sanctuary

Since 1980 thousands fleeing oppression have sought protection from deportation in sanctuary though they lack residency permits.
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