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School Choice Websites

Major advocacy, research and legislation on allowing parents to choose schools instead of buying public education solely from the government.- Category ID : 440226
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Virtual Charters: Public Schooling at Home

K12, a Virtual charter school led by former education secretary, Bill Bennett, provides free curriculum, computers and connections for homeschoolers.
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Alliance for the Separation of School and State

Argues against the interference by government in education.
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Center for Education Reform

Advocacy, statistics, resources and guidance on education reform issues and action at the school, district, state and national levels, from School Choice, charter schools, and educational entrepreneurialism to high academic standards, teacher professionalism and local control.
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Why School Vouchers Can Help Inner-City Children

The Manhattan Institute feature article by The Honorable Kurt L. Schmoke, Mayor of Baltimore "The City That Reads."
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Black Alliance for Education Options

Supports empowering low income black families with school choice.
6 -

Faith In Public Schools Fades

African-American parents with children in Georgia public schools are more likely than white parents to think private companies should run those facilities.
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Excellent Education for Everyone

Collection of articles in favour of school choice by the coalition of New Jersey citizens.
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4Choice - School Choice without Vouchers

Presentation of a model legislation that lets parents choose the school.
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Cost of Education

Cato Institute study: What Would a Voucher Buy. Documents the cost of public and private education.
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FOXNews - Are Parents Boycotting Public Schools?

The article describes the movement of taking kids out of public schools.
11 -

Scholastic Achievement and Demographic Characteristics of Home School Students

A large study comparing home school students and their counterparts.
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School Choice Research - Manhattan Institute Index

Comprehensive summary of education reform policy studies published by their Center for Civic Innovation.
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Resources for Teachers Needing Help

The American Society for Ethics in Education offers resources for teachers.
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Rethinking Schools -- Special Section on Vouchers

Large collection of articles and opinion pieces expressing or supporting the view that voucher programs are an assault on public education, are less effective than claimed, and will undermine the separation of church and state.
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Educational Policy Institute

Documented inside information on PTA and teacher unions. Education research and policy analysis from a public choice and pro-market perspective, plus expert revelations on teacher unions, collective bargaining in education, PTA issues, and education reform matters.
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School Choice Research - Harvard University Index

Program on Education Policy and Governance presents research papers and executive summaries on the results of innovative US policies.
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Michigan Union Accountability Act:

Mackinac Center for Public Policy takes aim at teacher unions as the main barrier to School Choice. See study, proposed legislation, and other policy research.
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Universal Tuition Tax Credit

Mackinac Center for Public Policy - "Proposal to Advance Parental Choice in Education". Also available as a 76 page download.
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Charter Schools Development Center (CSDC)

Provides technical assistance, training, and resources to charter school developers, operators, charter-granting agencies, and policy makers in California, nationally, and internationally.
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School Choice: Good for Teachers

A teacher explores reasons why Choice will increase demand and salaries for good teachers.
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School Choice Wisconsin

Provides information on the impact of school choice on families, communities, and schools.
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The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice

A foundation established by Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman. Advocates restructuring the education system to ensure educational service competition and free choice.
23 -

WorldNetDaily: Vouching for Liberty by Alan Keyes

Article by the conservative commentator proposing public school choice in the United States without vouchers.
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School Vouchers: The Wrong Choice for Public Education

Anti-Defamation League says vouchers pose a threat to their values. These programs subvert the constitutional principle of separation of church and state and threaten to undermine the current system of public education.
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