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Legal Websites

This category lists sites related to legal aspects of animal welfare and rights, including cases and materials, legal watch groups, analysis, related books and resources.- Category ID : 439872
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Rutgers University School of Law - Animal Rights Law Project

About animal rights law, cases and materials, handbooks online, statutes and regulations. An academic project of Professor Gary Francione and Adjunct Professor Anna E. Charlton.
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Animal Legal Defense Fund

Animal rights law organization based in California. Programs include civil litigation, working to enact state felony anti-cruelty statutes, and the Great Ape Legal Program, dedicated to winning legal rights for great apes.
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Society for Animal Protective Legislation

Status of legislation and how to lobby for laws. Action alerts, pending legislation, Congress scorecard and news. Washington DC, US.
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Provides a database of animal welfare and animal rights from pending legislation through relevant case law digests. From the National Anti-Vivisection Society, Chicago.
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The International Institute For Animal Law

Dedicated to developing legal scholarship and advocacy skills on behalf of animals. Offers news and resources along with details of programs, awards, grants and their board of directors.
6 -

Animal Rights Law Office (ARLO)

Office of Michael Rotsten, attorney at law, specializing in animal rights cases. California.
7 -

Animal Legal & Historical Center - Detroit College of Law

Planned repository of a full set of legal material relating to animals for all levels in the US, foreign national and international. Includes case law, policies, journals, publications and historical materials.
8 -

Journal of Animal Law

Student-run law review at Michigan State University discussing animal welfare issues in law and public policy.
9 -

NABR Animal Law Section

Provides information about the rapidly growing area of animal law from a biomedical research perspective. The site contains news articles, case law, statutes, law review articles and regulations related to the use of animals in research.
10 -

Wayne State University Law School Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

Law school student organization aiming to provide a forum for education, advocacy, and scholarship to protect the lives and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system, and raising the profile of the field of animal law.
11 -

International Animal-Law

Provides information about international initiatives and projects regarding animals, welfare, law and ethics.
12 -

State Bar of Texas Animal Law Section

The State Bar of Texas Animal Law Section promotes the study and understanding of laws, regulations, and court decisions dealing with legal issues involving animals. The section hosts a list serve, sponsors educational seminars, publishes a newsletter, and holds an annual meeting.
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