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Central Banks Websites

Central banks, also known as reserve banks or monetary authorities, define and issue legal tender (money). Their precise role varies from country, but most also manage the foreign-exchange reserves. Some also issue government debt, and some supervise parts of the financial system. Currency boards issue money the value of which is pegged to a different currency, usually the US dollar.- Category ID : 437995
1 -

Colombia - Bank of the Republic

History, economic statistics, inflation and exchange rate reports, banking operations and regulations, and gold museum.
2 -

Guatemala - Bank of Guatemala

Economic information and statistics and contact information.
3 -

Mexico - Bank of Mexico

Monetary and exchange-rate policies, numismatic information and quarterly inflation reports.
4 -

El Salvador - Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador

Structure of the financial system, monthly statistical bulletin, and mission statement.
5 -

Argentina - Central Bank of the Argentine Republic

Mission statement, and list of financial institutions.
6 -

Nicaragua - Banco Central de Nicaragua

With annual reports and bulletins of the Central Bank of Nicaragua, statistics, and economic indicators. Current information in Spanish, most documents available in English.
7 -

Peru - Central Reserve Bank of Peru

Monetary operations, periodic and special reports, and facts about the BCRP.
8 -

Chile - Central Bank of Chile

Origin and history and policy objectives.
9 -

Venezuela - Banco Central de Venezuela

Has some press releases and financial statements in English, and more content in Spanish.
10 -

Sri Lanka - Central Bank of Sri Lanka

With daily SLIBOR and exchange rates, monthly bulletin and prices at open market operations.
11 -

San Marino - Central Bank of San Marino

Information about the bank, and the payment and banking system in San Marino. [Italian, English]
12 -

Swiss National Bank

General remarks on price stability and relevance of LIBOR to monetary policy, rules on monetary-policy repo tenders, schedule of forthcoming speeches, data and statistics.
13 -

Bulgarian National Bank

List of banks, money-supply statistics, and legal framework.
14 -

Kazakhstan - National Bank of Kazakhstan

Brief explanation of monetary policy, banknotes and coins, and daily FX quotations.
15 -

Ukraine - National Bank of Ukraine

Law, financial statements, spheres of activity, and pictures of the banknotes.
16 -

Slovakia - National Bank of Slovakia

Annual Report, monetary and macroeconomic information, banking information, legislation and the Museum of Coins and Medals.
17 -

Denmark - Nationalbank

Explanation of monetary policy, the discount rate and CIBOR, notes and coins, bank, mortgage and capital-market statistics, and information on government debt.
18 -

Albania - Bank of Albania

Minutes of the meetings of the Supervisory Council.
19 -

South Korea - Bank of Korea

Economic releases, FX system, chemical composition of coins, and a brief history of the Korean financial system.
20 -

Indonesia - Bank Indonesia

Press releases, regulations including exchange controls, and monetary, economic and banking indicators.
21 -

Russia - Bank of Russia

History, balance sheet, press notices, and data release calendar.
22 -

Trans-Dniester Republican Bank

History and press releases.
23 -

Belarus - National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

Background, monetary policy guidelines, and list of banks (both open and closed).
24 -

Kyrgyzstan - National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic

Legal staus, foreign exchange laws and monetary policy.
25 -

Tajikistan - National Bank of Tajikistan

Banking and payments news in English, Russian and Tajik.
26 -

Serbia - National Bank of Serbia

Formerly the National Bank of Yugoslavia, site has history and organization, regulations, monetary policy, the banking system, and how to form a bank.
27 -

Bosnia - Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Legislative structure, history, directories of banks and other associations, notes and coins, and statistical reports.
28 -

Czech National Bank

Legal function, monetary policy, banking supervision, payment systems, and economic and financial statistics.
29 -

Suriname - Centrale Bank van Suriname

With pictures of items in the collection of The Numismatic Museum of the Centrale Bank van Suriname.
30 -

Japan - Bank of Japan

Monetary policy meetings and minutes, speeches, research papers, statistical releases, quarterly bulletin, and sources of changes in account balances at the BoJ.
31 -

Sweden - Riksbanken

Economic and financial data for Sweden, FX reserves, and information on government debt.
32 -

Moldova - National Bank of Moldova

Summary of the workings of the domestic debt market.
33 -

Jordan - Central Bank of Jordan

Law and organization structure.
34 -

Qatar Central Bank

Structure, law and descriptions of banks.
35 -

Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency

Currency museum, stock quotations and press releases.
36 -

Sudan - Bank of Sudan

Economic indicators, spot FX, annual reports and contact details.
37 -

Palestinian Monetary Authority

Ensures the soundness of banking operations, maintains monetary stability, and encourages economic growth in Palestine.
38 -

Morocco - Bank Al-Maghrib

Annual report and monetary statistics.
39 -

Hungary - National Bank of Hungary

Financial information including the history of the composition of the currency basket and its relationship to the forint, economic statistics, and legislative information.
40 -

Taiwan - Central Bank of China

FX statistics, financial institutions, government bond and treasury bill auctions (excel format), monetary policy announcements, and information about new banknotes and coins.
41 -

Macau - Monetary Authority of Macau

History, goals, structure, regulatory orders for banking and insurance, economic statistics and a list of commemorative coins.
42 -

Poland - National Bank of Poland

Structure, governing legislation, economic statistics, and a list of banks in Poland.
43 -

Lebanon - Central Bank of Lebanon

Economic and financial data, exchange and payments systems, the history of the Lebanese pound, and information on the banking and financial sectors.
44 -

Rwanda - National Bank of Rwanda

Information on bank supervision and monetary policy in English and French.
45 -

Canada - Bank of Canada

Press notices, economic information, explanation of inflation target and market operations, careers and economic research.
46 -

Tunisia - Central Bank of Tunisia

Currency museum, history of credit ratings, and steps towards full convertibility of the currency.
47 -

Latvia - Bank of Latvia

About the bank, its monetary policy, payment systems, laws, a history of Latvian money and balance sheets of credit institutions.
48 -

Brazil - Central Bank of Brasil

Inflation reports, regulations, economic and statistical information, payment system, and history.
49 -

Mozambique - Bank of Mozambique

History, financial and credit statistics, and MAIBOR rates.
50 -

Turkey - Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey

History, structure, governing law, and financial and statistical data delivery system.
51 -

Guyana - Bank of Guyana

Banking, financial-sector and economic statistics, legal tender, legal and regulatory framework, press releases and contact information.
52 -

Singapore - Monetary Authority of Singapore

Directory of financial institutions, statutes and regulations, the "data room" of monetary information, and a licensing guide.
53 -

India - Reserve Bank of India

Information about monetary policy and operations, issues of government securities, financial and economic statistics, and the RBI museum.
54 -

Armenia - Central Bank of Armenia

About Armenia and the Central Bank, list of financial institutions, and money-supply statistics.
55 -

Thailand - Central Bank of Thailand

Decisions of the Monetary Policy Committee, guide to financial investment in Thailand, debt issuance announcements, payment systems, banknotes, and details of assistance to priority economic sectors.
56 -

Bahamas - Central Bank of The Bahamas

Brief summary of monetary policy, foreign exchange regime and regulatory environment.
57 -

Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

Investment services, requirements for creating a bank or insurance company, history of the currency (including the monetary divorce from Jamaica), and economic statistics.
58 -

Jamaica - Bank of Jamaica

Statistical digest, quarterly monetary policy report, and balance sheet.
59 -

Barbados - Central Bank of Barbados

About the bank, Barbados links, and monetary policy.
60 -

Israel - Bank of Israel

Semi-annual inflation reports, government bond auctions, and announcements relating to banking supervision.
61 -

Kuwait - Central Bank of Kuwait

Purpose, exchange-rate policy, and monetary statistics.
62 -

Oman - Central Bank of Oman

About the bank and contact information, monthly and quarterly bulletins, and information about commemorative coins.
63 -

Namibia - Bank of Namibia

Balance sheet, payment system, exchange control rules, and announcements of auctions of government debt.
64 -

Ghana - Bank of Ghana

History of the bank and contact information.
65 -

Tanzania - Bank of Tanzania

Debt buyback information, list of registered banks and supervision regulations, payment system, bond bill auction details and application forms, and the Bank of Tanzania Training Institute.
66 -

Papua New Guinea - Bank of Papua New Guinea

Explanation of the objectives and implementation of monetary policy, the rules of exchange controls, and the operation of the government securities market.
67 -

Australia - Reserve Bank of Australia

Monetary policy statements, economic statistics, description of the payment system, information on banknotes, and other publications and research.
68 -

Iceland - Central Bank of Iceland

Official reserves, report on inflation target, annual reports, the 2001 Act of the Central Bank of Iceland, and historical data for REIBID and REIBOR.
69 -

Pakistan - State Bank of Pakistan

IMF agreements, operation of monetary policy, Act and Charter.
70 -

Nepal Rastra Bank

Quarterly economic bulletin, basic economic indicators, information about the rural self-reliance fund and a history of Nepalese capital markets.
71 -

Malaysia - Bank Negara Malaysia

Exchange controls, national data summary, press notices and a summary of Malaysian financial system.
72 -

Bangladesh Bank

Also known as the "Central Bank of Bangladesh". About the financial system, the convertibility of Taka, and economic and statistical data about the economy.
73 -

Maldives Monetary Authority

Includes copies of the Quarterly Economic Bulletin.
74 -

Aruba - Central Bank of Aruba

History, legislation and decrees, and economic statistics.
75 -

Trinidad and Tobago - Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

Economic commentary and outlook, monetary statistics, and daily inter-bank interest rates.
76 -

United Kingdom - Bank of England

The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street. Site has publications including the semi-annual Practical Issues Arising From the Euro, minutes of monthly monetary-policy meetings, weekly Bank Return, and other press releases.
77 -

Romania - National Bank of Romania

Museum, economic and financial statistics, press releases, banking licences and regulations.
78 -

Croatian National Bank

List of banks, policy tools, regulations and legislation, economic and financial statistics, and information on coins and banknotes.
79 -

Ireland - Central Bank of Ireland

Responsible for the supervision of most financial institutions in Ireland including banks, building societies and a broad range of non-bank firms, exchanges and collective investment schemes.
80 -

Kosovo - Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo

Endeavouring to maintain a stable financial system and an efficient payment system. Content in English, Albanian and Serbian.
81 -

Iran - Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran

With information about the currency, the bank, and governing legislation.
82 -

Yemen - Central Bank of Yemen

Function and structure, branches, pictures of currency, balance sheet and FX rates.
83 -

Iraq - Central Bank of Iraq

Laws, the principles of the operation of monetary policy, and a list of banks.
84 -

Zimbabwe - Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

FX in and outflows, supervision and surveillance annual reports, and monthly audited accounts.
85 -

Gambia - Central Bank of The Gambia

With information on foreign exchange, government securities, and the structure of the financial system.
86 -

Lesotho - Central Bank of Lesotho

Rural finance and credit scheme, central bank acts and exchange control orders.
87 -

Egypt - Central Bank of Egypt

Current FX rates, history of Egyptian money, and the latest annual report and quarterly economic review.
88 -

Liberia - Central Bank of Liberia

Includes information on the check-clearing system.
89 -

Malawi - Reserve Bank of Malawi

The publications including the minutes of the MPC meetings.
90 -

Botswana - Bank of Botswana

Legislation, speeches, a list of financial institutions, and information on Pula-denominated government bonds.
91 -

Bermuda Monetary Authority

List of institutions, links, collectors notes and coins; about Bermuda, and how to form a Bermudan entity.
92 -

United Arab Emirates - Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates

Organisation, and brief comments on the state of the economy and the tools it uses.
93 -

Andorra - Institut Nacional Andorrà de Finances

With information on the Andorran financial system in English, Spanish, French and Catalan.
94 -

Georgia - National Bank of Georgia

Monetary policy and FX regime, acution details, the payment system, and restrictions on the export of currency.
95 -

Norway - Norges Bank

Press releases on monetary policy and related matters, and a detailed section on the Government Petroleum Fund, managed by a separate unit within Norges Bank called Norges Bank Investment Management.
96 -

Zambia - Bank of Zambia

Economic and financial data, BoZ publications and press releases.
97 -

Solomon Islands - Central Bank of Solomon Islands

Annual and quarterly reports, monthly economic bulletins, Currency collectibles, and tenders of Solomon Islands Government Treasury Bills.
98 -

Mongolia - Bank of Mongolia

Monthly bulletins, banking law, monetary statistics, history and banknotes.
99 -

Vanuatu - Reserve Bank of Vanuatu

Includes a brief history, pictures of commemorative coins and information about the regulation of financial services.
100 -

Lithuania - Bank of Lithuania

Publications, balance sheets of credit institutions, banknotes, and an explanation of the change in the currency peg from USD to EUR at the start of February 2002.
101 -

Ethiopia - National Bank of Ethiopia

History of financial Institutions in Ethiopia; about the Ethiopian Institute of Banking and Insurance (EIBI); and results of weekly auctions of foreign exchange.
102 -

Tonga - National Reserve Bank of Tonga

With information on the law, bank supervision, government bonds, currency and numismatics.
103 -

Laos - Bank of the Lao P.D.R.

Includes current FX prices and information on the currency and legislation.
104 -

Kenya - Central Bank of Kenya

Includes a weekly bulletin describing financial conditions.
105 -

Seychelles - Central Bank of Seychelles

History, exchange rate system and peg weights, economic statistics, quarterly review and annual report.
106 -

Northern Cyprus - Central Bank of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Includes some of the main banking regulations and a list of banks.
107 -

Bahrain Monetary Agency

List of financial institutions, rules and regulations, money and banking statistics, annual report and quarterly bulletin.
108 -

South African Reserve Bank

Bank supervision acts and regulations, money-market operations, statement of policy on forward FX trading, press releases, monetary-policy statements, and about the South African Reserve Bank College.
109 -

Macedonia - National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia

Monetary policy mechanism, payment system, and exchange-control rules.
110 -

Mauritius - Bank of Mauritius

List of commercial banks and application forms for T-Bill purchases.
111 -

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Workings of its currency board, banking policy and supervision, debt market developments, HIBOR fixings and press releases.
112 -

Estonia - Bank of Estonia

Daily FX fixings, monetary policy framework, Estonian banking system, Estonian banknotes and coins, and papers on the EU accession process.

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