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Massage Equipment Websites

1 -

Massage Resources

Oval massage tables, table covers, carrying cases, and other accessories for massage professionals.
2 -

Stronglite, Inc.

Portable massage tables, chairs and accessories. Includes information for students and practitioners.
3 -


A selection of name brand health specialty products from massage chairs to bidets.
4 -

Bodywork Central

Stocks massage tables, chairs, and accessories including salon equipment.
5 -

Massage tables, treatment chairs, back care and natural bedding. Wholesale and retail orders.
6 -

Back Rub Co.

Stocks pillows, hand held massagers, aromatherapy, and massage chairs.
7 -


Personal massage tool that fits in your hand.
8 -

Body Logic

Sells massage equipment, body lotion and supplies.
9 -


Offering a variety of equipment and accessories, and skin care products.
10 -

Sunset Park Massage Supplies

Online sales of massage tables and chairs, accessories and supplies for chiropractic and massage therapy.
11 -

SpaEquip Inc.

Sells professional health and day spa equipment, supplies and massage tables.
12 -


Offers information and sales of a variety of electronic dry hydrotherapy models.
13 -

Massage Therapy Supply Outlet

Suppliers of massage products, books, charts, tables, chairs, linens, oils, creams, and lotions. Offers mail order throughout the world.
14 -

U Knead Me

Offers a full line of massage tables, chairs, accessories, oils and creams.
15 -

Omega Massage

Offers the Elegante Massage Chair and the Silver Wing Massager for a foot reflexology massage.
16 -

Massage Products

Offers tables, chairs, electric massage loungers, oil, lotion and accessories.
17 -

Massage Ladybird

Handheld consumer back massage product.
18 -

Massage King

Features custom and standard tables, chairs, and supplies. Includes articles, buyers guide, and newsletter.
19 -

Bare Paws Massage

Offers massage tables, portable chairs, and chiropractic equipment.
20 -


Manufacturer of lightweight massage and chiropractic tables.
21 -

Body Support Systems

Manufactures a body support cushion for massage tables.
22 -

Bon Vital

Manufacturer and distributor of massage lubricants and body rubs for professional therapists and spas.
23 -


Manufacturers a line of professional massage tables, chairs and portable equipment.
24 -

Pisces Productions

Manufacturer/retailer of massage tables and chairs since 1977.
25 -

The Pressure Positive Company

Maker of unique massage tools.
26 -

Robert Hunter and Co.

Handcrafts quality massage and bodywork tables for professional therapists worldwide.
27 -

Health Connection

Suppliers of magnetic jewelry and magnetic massage equipment.
28 -

Massage Market

Sells massage and spa products including portable massage tables and body cushions.
29 -

Aurora Tables

Manufacturer of portable massage tables and chairs.
30 -

AML Stone Source

Distributor of massage stone sets and kits from LaStone therapy.
31 -


Consumer product that helps straighten your back.
32 -


Japanese luxury shiatsu massage chair manufacturer.
33 -

Miracle Pain Relief

Sells a video teaching the Bowen massage technique.
34 -

Hung Sheng Electric Corp.

Taiwan based manufacturer of massage equipment.
35 -

Stitch Thru Time

Sells neck heating pads with awashable pillowcase that are microwave safe.
36 -

Ultimate Massage Solutions

UK suppliers of massage and bodywork products, including Oakworks massage couches.
37 -


Sells professional products for the Salon and Spa industry.
38 -

Therapies Direct

Supplies tables, reflexology chairs and accessories for the professional massage therapist.
39 -

PMA Solutions Ltd.

Consumer retailer of portable massage tables, chairs and accessories.
40 -

Touch Photography

Sells professional photos for massage therapist training.
41 -

Healing Broom

A massage tool designed to promote wellness, regulate the flow of Chi, and improve blood circulation.
42 -

Massager Machines & More

Sells consumer massage products.
43 -

At Peace Media

Sells massage videos and relaxation music.
44 -

Art Riggs Massage Videos

Manuals and videos teaching deep tissue massage.
45 -

Massage Publications

Instruction manuals and home study courses for massage therapists. Also offers massage rollers and rubbing oils.
46 -

Natural Living

Portable massage tables, mats and cushions, and related accessories. Also offers room dividing screens. Based in Hertford, UK.
47 -

Massage Unlimited

Sells consumer grade massage chairs from multiple manufacturers.
48 -


Designs and manufactures professional therapy tables.
49 -


Sells Neuromuscular Therapy Essentials products, and anatomical models.
50 -


Hand held massagers, massage kits and oils.
51 -


Handheld therapy tool for consumers.
52 -


Sells robotic massage chairs by Interactive Health.
53 -

Mini Masseuse

Consumer hands free massager.
54 -

Massage Table Outlet

Sells massage tables, equipment and supplies.
55 -

Spinal Care Products

Retailer for memory foam pillows, massage supplies and an ergo desk.
56 -

Spa and Bodywork Market

Retail sales of massage tables and supplies.
57 -

Thermal Palms

Soft hand-held heat modalities are an alternative to traditional hot stone massage.
58 -

Healing Jade

Proves jade massage stones, products and hands-on workshops.
59 -

Core Products International, Inc.

Offers Jeanie Rub, moist heat therapy, Omni Massager, tools and accessories.
60 -

Medi Rub Corporation

Offers consumer electronic massage equipment.
61 -

All About Health Products

Offers body, foot and head massagers and supplements.
62 -


Manufactures the Aureus massage couch.
63 -

Massage Tools

Offers massage tables and chairs, facial steamers, hot towel cabis, day spa equipment. massage supplies for professionals, massagers and tools for the home.
64 -


Handheld consumer self massage tool.
65 -

Pressure Products

Foot-powered product allows the user to massage themselves.
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