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1 -

Creekstone Farms

Supplies Black Angus beef and natural pork.
2 -

Sugardale Private Collection

Featuring gourmet food and meat items designed for gift giving. Located in Ohio.
3 -

Swiss Meat and Sausage Company

Hermann, Missouri. Offers bratwurst and other German style sausages, Italian sausage, hams, bacon, bison meat, elk, pork chops, and smoked turkey and chicken.
4 -

Stoltzfus Meats

Sweet bologna, smoked hams, scrapple, dried beef, and other smoked Dutch and Amish meat from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
5 -

Wilson Beef Farms

Gift boxes of various beef and pork cuts, plus jerky and snack sticks.
6 -

Moo & Oink

Hand-cleaned frozen chitlins, beef or pork hot links, and barbecue sauce, from the stores in Chicago, Illinois.
7 -

Omaha Steaks

Steaks and meats, as well as seafoods and desserts.
8 -

Blue Valley Brand

Offers steaks, sausages, ham, beef jerky, and bacon.
9 -

W.A. Bean and Sons Meats

Bangor, Maine. Offer a wide variety of meat products including haggis, hams, mincemeat, pickled tripe, sausages, and deli meats.
10 -

Werling and Sons, Inc.

Canned beef, chicken, turkey, or pork, sold in 4-pack gift boxes, or by the case.
11 -

Amana Meat Shop and Smokehouse

Offers pork and beef and gift boxes.
12 -

Online shopping for USDA Choice beef and pork.
13 -

Oneco Meats

Providing beef, pork, steaks, chops, smoked meats, sausages and poultry. USA.
14 -

Chalet Market

Belgrade, Montana. Purchase beef, elk, and bison summer sausage, salami, jerky, and snack sticks. Also offer huckleberry products, jams, and jellies.
15 -

Critchfield Meats

Lexington, Kentucky. Offers several cuts of steak and several types of ham.
16 -

Karl Ehmer

Offering a wide variety of cuts to choose from.
17 -

Heavenly Ham

Specializes in ham, turkey and lunch items.
18 -

Stock Yards of Chicago

Purveyor of USDA prime meats, poultry and seafood. Buy online or locate a restaurant that serves Stock Yards products.
19 -

King Food Service, Inc.

White meat specialists. Poultry, seafood, pork and specialty items. Wholesale and retail; online shopping.
20 -

Consumers Packing Company

Meat packager and reseller of prime beef, pork and lamb chops.
21 -

Acre Station Meat Farm

Offers fresh, smoked and seasoning meats, pork and beef sausage, red smoked sausage, prime beef, eastern North Carolina barbeque, and specialty sauces.
22 -

Kunzler and Company, Inc.

Offering Pennsylvania Dutch scrapple, wood smoked ham and bacon, Lebanon sweet bologna, and online mail order steak. Also German food recipes including honey baked ham recipe.
23 -

Sterling Silver Premium Meats

Beef, pork, ham, and turkey gift boxes.
24 -

Iowa Steak Company

Offers steaks, seafood, chicken and pork.
25 -

Heartland Steaks

Certified Angus beef, pork, lamb, veal and poultry.
26 -

Cusack Wholesale Meat Co.

Offers lamb, pork, certified Angus beef, and smoked meats.
27 -

Colorado Prime Foods

Order a variety of meat such as beef, pork, poultry, Italian food, seafood, desserts and side dishes. Phone order. USA.
28 -

Smithfield Farms

Offer a variety of country hams, spiral sliced honey glazed hams, hickory smoked turkeys and Virginia jumbo peanuts. Virginia, USA.
29 -

Hi-way Meats

Offers a selection of steaks, sausages and beef.
30 -

Ultimate Food Club

Provides beef, chicken, pork, seafood and specialties. USA.
31 -

Finger Lakes Gourmet

Offers a variety of meats and poultry such as buffalo, natural and Angus beef, ostrich, quail, and turkey. USA.
32 -

Cloverdale Foods Country Store

Offers gift packs that include bacon, summer sausage, ham, smoked sausage, and bologna.
33 -

Snake River Farms

Boise, Idaho. Offers American raised Kobe beef and Kurobuta pork.
34 -

Wellshire Farms

Natural turkey, beef, and pork products including dry rubbed bacon, hams, roast beef, turkey breast, kielbasa, andouille, deli meats, hotdogs, snack sticks, liverwurst, and barbecue.
35 -

The Country Store

Pennsdale, Pennsylvania. Smoked hams, bolognas, scrapple, bacon, kielbasa, steak, and pork.
36 -

Paradise Locker Meats, Inc.

Supplier of beef, pork, lamb, smoked sausages, and gamemeat. Trimble, Missouri.
37 -

Quality Meats

Certified Angus beef. Also supplies ham and sausages. West Fargo, North Dakota.
38 -

Turner New Zealand

Provider of beef, venison, lamb, fish, shellfish and seafood from New Zealand.
39 -

Pfaezler Brothers

Offers, beef, lamb, pork, seafood, ostrich, and chicken products.
40 -

Schaller and Weber

Produces a variety of sausages, liver pate, cold cuts, salami, cervelat, smoked meata, poultry, pcikles, and mustard. New York.
41 -

Bunn Gourmet

Offers USDA steaks, specialty meat, ham, turkey, bacon, seafood, and gourmet food.
42 -

Prime Time Butcher

New York. Dry aged prime and choice beef, natural poultry, pork, lamb, veal, not dogs, and steak burger.
43 -

American West Beef

Offers aged steaks, kobe beef, bison, pork, lamb, poultry, and seafood products.
44 -

Home Grown Cow

Connecting farmers with customers. Offers beef, pork, chicken, lamb, goat, bison, eggs, and cheese.
45 -

New York Kosher Steaks

Nationwide delivery of kosher beef, lamb and veal.
46 -

Deli Farm Charcuterie

Sells hand-made air dried locally sourced products. Items include flavoured salami and prosciutto with snacks and seasonings. Provides company history, recipes and customer comments. Based in the UK.
47 -

Steaks and Kosher Meats Delivery

Offers kosher meals, chicken, veal, duck, beef, turkey, marinated meats, and lamb. Brooklyn, New York.
48 -

Echo Valley Meats

Offers a variety of meats. Includes beef steaks, ham, sausage, and gourmet roasted nuts.
49 -


Offers Wagyu steaks and briskets, pork ribs and butts, plus wasabi.
50 -

Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors

North Bergen, New Jersey. Offer various cuts of beef, pork, lamb, veal, and sausage.
51 -

Neesvig Meats

Windsor, Wisconsin. Offers a variety of steak cuts, plus seafood, Provimi veal stock, rib roast, and pork.
52 -

Paulina Meat Market

Chicago, Illinois. Offers beef, lamb, pork, veal, chicken, turkey, goose, duck, a large variety of sausages, and meat snack sticks.
53 -

Prairie Pride Farm of Minnesota

Natural pork and free-range chickens, German sausages and hickory-smoked hams.
54 -

Farmison Ltd

Offers regular cuts along with mutton, goat and veal. Also supplies boxes with ingredients to make a full meal. A pantry section sells items that include seasoning, bread and condiments. Includes recipes and tips. Based in the UK.

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