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Lacanian Websites

Jacques Lacan was a French Philosopher and Psychoanalyst. He advocated a re-reading of the work of Sigmund Freud. He taught a series of seminars in several locations in Paris during his lifetime many of which are available as edited books. Since his death he has had a number of followers who have sought to clarify and extend his work. Notable among these are his son-in-law Jacques-Alain Miller, Slavoj Zizek, Bruce Fink and Russel Grigg.- Category ID : 428542
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World Association of Psychoanalysis

The primary organisation for promoting the teaching of Jacques Lacan. This site has links to all the officially recognised schools for the training of Lacanian psychoanalysts as well as the latest news from the Lacanian community.
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Jacques Lacan in the U.S.

Home to the journal "lacanian ink" as well as bios/bibliographies of prominent Lacanians, links, and visuals.
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Apres-Coup Psychoanalytic Organization

Après-Coup is a not-for-profit organization established in 1987 devoted to analytical formation and the discussion of contemporary issues in psychoanalysis and culture with an emphaisis on the writings of Jacques Lacan.
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Home of the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis and the San Francisco Society for Lacanian Studies. Includes a number of interesting essays and the contents listings of the print journal Anamorphosis which is published by the society.
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Sherry Turkle

Personal site of this prominent Lacanian containing a resume as well as copies of several of her papers.
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Return: A Journal of Lacanian Studies

Professionally refereed academic journal that explores the theories of French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan within the context of a variety of academic fields.
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Centre for Lacanian Analysis

Providing an annual program of seminars, lectures and clinical training sessions. The Centre has a membership program.
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PLACE - Psychoanalysis Los Angeles California Extension

Site of the Los Angeles school for Lacanian analysis. Engaging in consultation, work-groups, seminars, and a certification in Lacanian analysis.
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The Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research

The Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research - CFAR - was founded in London, England in 1985 with the aim of promoting and developing psychoanalysis from within a Lacanian perspective.
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