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Positive Psychology Websites

Positive Psychology is a scientific branch of the social science of psychology that focusses on what is going right with the human mind and behaviour and how to foster these types of well-being on an individual, group and societal level. It steers away from the deficit-focus that psychology has developed in the second part of the 20th century in response to the second world war and the (focus on) mental disorders that resulted from it.- Category ID : 428532
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Positive Psychology Program

An academic platform with information about courses, blogposts about positive psychology and updates about upcoming events.
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Positive Psychology News

A platform built by and for academics who want to dive deeper into the field.
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Positive Psychology UK

A portal providing information for those interested in research, practice and educational opportunities in the UK.
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Penn Arts & Sciences: Positive Psychology Center

Promotes research, training, and education.
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International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA)

Promotes the science and its research-based applications.
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The Canadian Positive Psychology Association

Information about the past and upcoming Canadian conferences.
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Harvard Health Publications: Positive Psychology

Information drawing on the expertise of the faculty physicians at the Harvard Medical School.
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European Network for Positive Psychology (ENPP)

A non-profit organisation and community of like-minded scholars. Information about the organisation and their discipline, with resources.
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Authentic Happiness

Platform of the founder of Positive Psychology containing readings, videos, research, surveys and opportunities in the field.
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Positive Psychology Training

Provides training, consultancy, coaching, content and resources from expert practitioners in the field.
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The Langley Group Institute

Australian registered training organization inspiring individuals, teams and organizations to realise their potential through positive, evidence-based personal and professional development.
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VIA Institute on Character

Hosts one of the main tools used in positive psychology.
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