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Baltic Sea Websites

This category is for sites about the Baltic Sea region. This includes sites about the sea itself, sites about the region in general, and sites about organizations within it which promote cooperation between countries in the area. Countries which border the Baltic Sea are: Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, and Sweden. Countries in the drainage basin are: Belarus, the Czech Republic, Norway, Slovakia, and the Ukraine.

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NGO Initiative for Baltic Sea Co-operation

An initiative of several German NGOs, with a focus of human rights, culture, nature and the environment in the Baltic Sea area. [English, German]
2 -

Baltica Sea Forum

An organization representing a group of companies, institutions and individuals aiming at promoting cooperation in the Baltic Sea region.
3 -

Baltic SeaStates Subregional Co-operation (BSSSC)

A political network of regional authorities below the national level of the countries in the Baltic Sea area.
4 -

Union of the Baltic Cities

A cooperation on a local level between cities surrounding or close to the Baltic Sea.
5 -

Baltic University Programme

Network of universities in the Baltic Sea region, coordinated by Uppsala University, Sweden. Focuses on questions of sustainable development, environmental protection and democracy.
6 -

Wikipedia: Baltic Sea

An article from this online encyclopedia created by a community of volunteers.
7 -

The Baltic Sea Information Centre

A directory of websites about Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, and Russia with a focus on industry and commerce.
8 -

Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB)

Non-profit association which aims to promote the protection and improvement of the Baltic Sea environment and natural resources. Unites organizations from Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.
9 -

Patricia LTD

Travel website focusing on tourism and business travel in the Baltics. Ferry schedules and pricing.
10 -

Nord Stream

The company building the controversial German-Russian gas pipeline through the Baltic sea. Includes detailed map of the pipeline.
11 -

Nord Stream - Wikipedia

Information about the German-Russian pipeline through the Baltic Sea, its environmental impact, the controversy it created and the political scandal surrounding former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder.
12 -

Baltic Sea Heritage Co-operation

A regional project aimed to find and carry out possible actions for safeguarding and developing the common cultural heritage.
13 -

HELCOM - Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission

The governing body of the Helsinki convention, whose goal is the protection of the marine environment of the Baltic Sea. Information about HELCOM, the convention, issues, and activities.
14 -

Baltic Development Forum

A networking organization involving businesses, local governments and associations whose objective is further development of the region.
15 -

Baltic 21 - An Agenda 21 for the Baltic Sea Region

A regional process for sustainable development initiated by the member states of the Council of the Baltic Sea States.
16 -

Great Northern War - Wikipedia

Article about the war from 1700 to 1721 that ended the Swedish Empire and resulted in Russian domination over the Baltic sea area.
17 -

Ars Baltica

Aims to connect Baltic Sea states through cultural collaboration. Information about current and past projects.
18 -

Baltic 21 Institute for Sustainable Industry

A network for universities, businesses and governments working for sustainable development of the industrial sector in the Baltic Sea region.
19 -

Marine Protected Areas in the Eastern Baltic Sea

Supports the designation of marine protected areas in the eastern Baltic Sea. Project description, activities and publications.
20 -

Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS)

Information about the history of the council, its organizational structure, basic documents, past and on-going co-operation efforts, and news and events and activities of the region.
21 -

Baltic Training Programme

A programme to match students and their projects with host companies in other countries. Project details, news items, and contact details for offices in Sweden, Estonia, and Latvia. [English/Estonian/Latvian/Swedish/Russian]
22 -


The design and planning of a fixed link between Denmark and Germany across the Fehmarnbelt. About the project, environmental impact, news articles, and contact details.
23 -

BCCA, Baltic Sea Chambers of Commerce Association

An organisation of Chambers of Commerce in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden.

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