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French embassies and consulates outside France.- Category ID : 125903
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United States - Miami

Consulate General of France in Miami, containing information for French citizens and about visas.
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United States - Los Angeles

Includes a list of French-speaking lawyers near Los Angeles. In English, French and Spanish.
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Indonesia - Jakarta

Embassy of France in Indonesia, with a few press releases in English, and more content in French and Indonesian.
4 -

United Nations - New York

Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations in New York. Latest news and official declarations of France at the Security Council and General Assembly.
5 -

Canada - Vancouver

Covering Alberta, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon; with information on the consulate and on tourism. In English and French.
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Canada - Ottawa

Information for the press, about trade and the economy, tourism, science, education and culture. Includes a list of ambassadors of France in Canada since 1928.
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United States - Washington DC

Consulate General of France site with information on visas, map and directions.
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United States - New York

Consulate General of France in New York, with diplomatic news and cultural events. In French and English.
9 -

United States - Atlanta

Newsletter and information on visa, customs, education and other topics. Site available in English, French and Spanish.
10 -

United States - Chicago

Offers information for tourists and about visas, about French services in the Midwest, customs, the French-American Fiscal Convention, and a cultural events calendar.
11 -

United States - Houston

Calendar of cultural events, travel to France, visas, and trade information. In English and French.
12 -

United States - New Orleans

With information on French-language television and radio in Louisiana, and also information for visa applicants.
13 -

United States - San Francisco

Consulate General, with information about France and about the open day for public buildings.
14 -

United States - Boston

Newsletter and information on visa, customs, education and other topics. In English, French and Spanish.
15 -

United States - Washington DC

Embassy of France provides an information resource center on France and French-American relationships.
16 -

United Kingdom - London

Provides information on French Foreign Policy, Franco-British relations, French cultural, economic and political life as well as visa procedures and consular services.
17 -

Nigeria - Abuja

Embassy of France in Abuja, with information about France, Franco-Nigerian relations, the embassy, and links to sites about education, and cooperation in industry and commerce. In English and French.
18 -

New Zealand - Wellington

With information on French policy, NZ-French bilateral relations, economy, trade, science, education, culture and tourism. Partly in English and mostly French.
19 -

Bangladesh - Dhaka

Embassy of France in Dhaka with information on Schengen visas, including application forms for short- and long-stay visas.
20 -

Australia - Canberra and Sydney

The French Embassy in Canberra and Consulate-General of France in Sydney. Includes visas, education and news, cultural and contact information. In English and French.
21 -

Ghana - Accra

Embassy of France in Ghana, with information on the French School Jacques Prévert.
22 -

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Located in Kuala Lumpur. Provides visa, cultural, scientific, business, industry and general information.
23 -

Philippines - Manila

French Embassy in the Philippines, with contact information for the various departments including those of consular services, cooperation and cultural affairs, and defense.
24 -

Kenya - Nairobi

Explains the work of the French Institute of Research in Africa, and the French Economic Mission in Nairobi which covers Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Somalia. In English and French.
25 -

Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Embassy of France in Colombo, accredited to Sri Lanka and the Maldives. With contact information in English, and more in French, including a list of previous ambassadors.
26 -


Includes a list of French decorations awarded to Singapore citizens, and more content in French.
27 -

South Africa - Pretoria

French Embassy in South Africa, with information on cultural, scientific and development co-operation, on police cooperation and other inter-governmental matters.
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Libya - Tripoli

Overview of the embassy and information on culture, economy and the French School of Tripoli.
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Hong Kong & Macao Consulate General

Information on French culture in Hong Kong and Macao. Includes news and addresses [English, French].
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