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This category lists personal travelogues, travel journals, and other sites which contain significant narrative content about trips covering more than one continent. Sites which focus on trips to a particular continent or country are listed in more specific categories.- Category ID : 94743
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Appunti di Viaggi

Collection of world travel including Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Easter Island, London, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, United States and Thailand. In English and Italian.
2 -

Mouse and Bear

Travelogues and picture galleries from North America and Europe.
3 -

Virtual Tourist

Travel community with photos, travelogues, destinations, postcards, forums and chat areas.
4 -


A service which lets members share their travels online. Also includes resources, chat and links.
5 -

Crazy Amigos on the Web

Stories and pictures as two friends travel through Central and South America by motorcycle. Stories, photos and list of highlights.
6 -

Around the World in 80 Clicks

Contains pictures and stories of travels throughout the world. Mailing list, links, surveys and e-cards.
7 -

Cyber Adventures

Offers travel stories and photographs for various destinations.
8 - - Travel Photos and Trip Reports

Photos and trip reports from several locations, including Italy, France, Ireland, and the USA.
9 -

Assortment of travel writings and photos stretching from the Silk Road to Peru, Greece to South Africa.
10 -


Journals of travelers, describing trips to exotic lands and interesting cultures. See where others have gone and learn what they have experienced.
11 -

Kutu Worldwide Travel

Places unknown to your travel agent. Detailed travel reports for adventurists from various odd locations, plus photos, GPS Waypoint Database. Bicycle-friendly and exotic.
12 -


Travelogue-style narratives, travel advice, pictures and maps of (mainly) tropical destinations, including Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Belize, Fiji, French Polynesia, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.
13 -

Bone, Simon

Project to document places in transition from authoritarian rule. Articles on North Korea and Cuba.
14 -

Magical Places

An artist who loves to travel shares experiences through travelogues from places around the world.
15 -

Mark Moxon, Travel Writer

A collection of travel stories from India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, French Polynesia, Australia and New Zealand
16 -

Micktravels Around the World Travel Guide

Photos and detailed accounts of travel adventures all over the world. Special focus on wildlife.
17 -


Photos and hints from trips to Australia, Bali, Peru, Bolivia, Turkey, London and Budapest.
18 -

Spirit of Place

Personal travel journals from trips in North America and Europe and comments on other travel writing.
19 -


Logs and photos from adventures in Europe, Asia and South America. English and German version.
20 -

Wildlife Travel Web Site

Information, articles and personal accounts of wildlife travel for wildlife enthusiasts and for those who wish to travel the world and see wildlife.
21 -

World Travel Stories

Personal travel stories from different parts of the world including China, Alaska, Germany and Spain. Focuses on nature, different cultures and personal travel experiences.
22 -

World Wide Travelogues

Travelogues, culture and photos from around the world: Egypt, Greece, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Bali, Canada and Singapore.
23 -

The Connected Traveler

Contains travel related stories, reviews, streaming video, sounds, opinion and humor.
24 -

Free Spirit - World Oneness Web

Submissions by readers worldwide, telling personal accounts of their visit to a certain country and travel tips.
25 -

Itchy Feet

Documenting travel experiences from around the world. Photo gallery and travelogues.
26 -

Offers free travel journals, stories and pictures from travelers, forum, site news and information.
27 -

Trek Diary

Consists of illustrated diaries of travels to wild places, including Borneo, India (Spiti), Kenya, Madagascar, Madeira, Malawi, Morocco, Peru Sulawesi, Thailand, Uganda, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.
28 -

True Trip Travel

Offers free travel web pages, travel tips, travel guide, travel classifieds. Set up your own free travelogue.
29 -

Let Me Stay for a Day

Ramon Stoppelenburg left the Netherlands in May 2001, with a backpack filled with clothing, a digital camera and a mobile phone. He is traveling the world to visit most of people who invite him over and writing about them on his daily reports.
30 -

A View on Cities

Original images and information on cities including Paris, Antwerp, Vancouver and Prague.
31 -


Photos and travelogues from around the world. Allows visitors to join and share their own experiences.
32 -

Travelogues of Matt Wegener

Includes logs and photos from various places in Asia and Europe.
33 -


Travel writings and photographs of Europe, Western Australia, Egypt and Zimbabwe. Links, country and photography information.
34 -

The WhereAbouts of Jenny and Kim

Travels and photos of Jenny Smillie and Kim Dedman throughout the USA and Europe.
35 -

Travel Writing

Collection of travel articles published in New York newspapers. Includes photos.
36 -

Off Yonder

Collection of stories, photos and travelogues from around the world including Asia, Europe, North America and Mexico.
37 -

Tame Goes Wild

Joseph Tame travels the world with a laptop and digital camera, providing updates on his latest adventures. Tips on working abroad, photos and videos.
38 -

On The Move: The Burnham Chronicles

Travelogues involving trekking, bicycling and backpacking in Asia, Europe, New Zealand, North America and South American. Includes travel hints and photos.
39 -

The Merretts in Europe

Photos and narration of Doug and Julies travels through various countries in Europe as well as Australia and the USA.
40 -

KnowMark Travel

Logs from trips to Italy and Canadian destinations, the Maritimes and Ontario. Includes numerous links to photos.
41 -

The Adventures Of BJ and Tony Morris

Travel diaries of an airline employee from various locations around the world, with links to pictures.
42 -

Liquid Travel

Compendium of travelogues from around the world submitted by users. Includes feature articles.
43 -

Travel Stories from Paradises of the World

Stories and country information from India, Jordan, Thailand, Morocco and Egypt with photos. Lists history, entry regulations and links.
44 -

The Gastronaut

Travel reports from destinations around the world, with a strong focus on food. Photos and links.
45 -

Travel Blogs By

Members can create a free travel blog, including a diary, message board, photo and video gallery, itinerary, and an interactive map.
46 -

Belly Button Window

Experiences of an American traveling the globe. Includes a weekly photojournal.
47 -

BamJam Travel Pictures

Pictures of interesting places all over the world: Jordan, Spain, Scandinavia, Madeira, the Netherlands, Ireland, Iran, Poland.
48 -


Personal travelogues and photos from around the world.
49 -

Travelogues by Joël Neelen

Belgian traveler Neelen shares recollections from his trips to Morocco, Cuba, India, Egypt, Mali, Spain, Ireland, Yemen, Peru, and Turkey.
50 -

Traveling Tales

Writers tell of their adventures from Australia, Europe, England, Canada, Quebec, Seattle, Egypt, Middle East, and China.
51 -

Brenny Online

Stories and pictures California, France and Germany. Especially travelers with a physical handicap might find some useful information.
52 -

Daves Travel Pages

Offering stories of world travel from Austria to Zambia, using a bicycle for transportation. Includes photos.
53 -

Non-Commercial Travel Stories from Douwe

Travel diaries from around the world with pictures and descriptions. [English, Dutch]
54 -


Personal travel journals and photography from around the world.
55 -

Traveling To Heaven

Blogs about places to visit around the world.
56 -

The Opinionated Traveller

Travels to Asia, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. Includes photos and prose.
57 -

The Phillips and Pennant Family Website

Accounts of journeys and mountaineering expeditions undertaken by members of the family in various parts of the world.
58 -

Around the World with Alex

Travel articles and photography from around the world including nature, architecture and wildlife.
59 -

The Adventures of Tom Bolton

Tom is a professional clown and describes his travels and performances in over 50 countries around the world.
60 -

Travelogue Central

Growing collection of travelogues as well as trip planning and shopping resources. Including guides based on the travelogues.
61 -

Travel through Europe and Africa with Elisabeth and Teije

Adventures of a Dutch couple. Includes directory of places visited. With photographs.

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