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Licensing Websites

Amateur radio licensing rules and examinations.
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AA9PW FCC Exam Practice and Morse Code Practice

Practice examinations for United States FCC Amateur and Commercial Radio Exam candidates. Also offers customizable Morse Code practice.
2 - Ham Exams

Amateur radio practice exams for obtaining a license in the United States. Includes all three license classes, Technician, General and Extra.
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US FCC Exams - Europe

Information on United States FCC examinations in Europe.
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Sunnyvale VEC ARC, Inc.

FCC recognized Volunteer Examiner Coordinator organization provides exam dates, expiring callsigns and contact details. Sunnyvale, California, United States.
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Ham Cram

Free technician-class license cram course, for the United States Technician license. Six hour power point presentation covering every question in the FCC question pool. Easy instructions. [Requires MS Power Point]
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Worldwide Information on Licensing for Radio Amateurs

Information on licensing requirements listed by country. Prepared by OH2MCN.
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Metro Atlanta Exam Information

Listing of amateur radio exam sessions in metro Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
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Amateur Certification Fact Sheet - Industry Canada

Offers information on how to acquire a Canadian amateur radio license, call sign list by province, costs and application form.
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Amateur Radio Exam Generator - Industry Canada

Exam question generator that produces a unique examination for either a Canadian Basic or Advanced amateur radio operator certificate, allowing self-testing on a home computer. It will also generate a worksheet.
10 -

View flash cards for all current question pools, or take practice tests for United States amateur radio licenses. The site keeps statistics on your answers to help gauge progress. [Free registration required]
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US Amateur Radio Exams in Italy

Information on United States FCC amateur radio examinations in Italy, 2004 to 2010.
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Free study tools with question explanations and statistics-driven flashcards and smart exams. United States.
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