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Use for sites containing alphabetical or classified lists of resources covering amateur radio. Sites which provide a straight list of sites, sometimes with a brief description and not, generally, including additional information. Also for sites that could be called Guides, Resources, Search Engines - all relating to amateur radio.
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Polish Callbook

Callsign database for Polish amateurs sponsored by the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK).
2 -


Email forwarding aliases at, available free to radio hams only. Also offers web hosting and other amateur radio related services.
3 -

Amateur community portal featuring callsign lookup, product reviews, classifieds, news, articles, QSL managers, forums, propagation information, chat and surveys.
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VA3RJ Amateur Radio Resources

Offers a variety of useful information and links for the amateur radio enthusiast.
5 -


Links, including antique, vintage and military radios, collectors, museums, and history.
6 -

QTH.Net Mailing Lists

A listing and search of amateur radio email lists hosted by QTH.Net.
7 -

IR3IP hamradio services

Directory of links and services for ham operators. Some modifications. [Italian, English]
8 -


Includes news, searchable callsign database, license renewals and updates, DX spotting reports, APRS resources, clubs, solar report, and links.
9 -

Julian Moss, G4ILO, oversees this searchable index of ham radio websites and resources.
10 -

San Antonio Area Hams

Information for novice and experienced amateurs, with links to local clubs in Texas.
11 - - Amateur Radio in Texas

Provides an overview of amateur radio activities within the state of Texas. Covers general topics as well as emergency communications.
12 -


UK-based amateur radio resource with DX cluster information, nets, forums, search and free classifieds.
13 -

NATO Phonetic Alphabet

The NATO phonetic alphabet widely used in radio, telephone and military communications.
14 -

Amateur and other Radio Hobbyist Links

A variety of links, mostly United States based, for the radio amateur, shortwave listener or other radio hobbyist.
15 -

SV2AEL QSL and Flag Gallery

Most nations are represented via QSL and a photo of their representative flags.
16 -

N4UJW Ham Universe

Don presents amateur radio information for both novice and veterans in the United States, as well as information, tips and how to projects.
17 -

Amateur Radio Directory

European directory devoted to radio amateur activities, by categories. [Italian, English]
18 -


Callsign lookup for United States, Canada and some other countries. Also offers FCC reports and statistics.
19 -


Callsign database for United States and Canada, solar reports, and amateur radio resources.
20 -

QSL Manager Database

DB0SDX QSL database maintained by Lothar, DL1SBF. Germany.
21 -

N9ABF Amateur Radio and Computer Resource Directory

Contains links to sites of interest to hams, organized by topic.
22 -


Italian amateur presents ham radio related links organized by topic.
23 -


Japanese amateur Takumi Nomura presents a web atlas for amateur radio. Includes WAC continents, CQ zones, ITU zones, grid locator, and beam map.
24 -


Thierry presents information on most aspects of amateur radio, with a variety of resources. [French and English]
25 -

Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Surplus

Listing of electronics, surplus, salvage stores and warehouses in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.
26 -

The Amateur Radio Webring

Devoted to the amateur radio community.
27 -

Amateur Radio Wiki

Collaborative encyclopedia for radio amateurs.
28 -


Variety of amateur radio information including on antennas and propagation. By Serge Stroobandt, ON4AA
29 -

This callsign database provides all information free to users. Also offers a forum.
30 -

TA Callbook

Provides a search for radio amateurs in Turkey, list of silent keys, and APRS. [Turkish, English]
31 -

British Columbia Amateur Radio Resource

Contains listings of 2 m and 70cm repeaters in the province, IRLP nodes, and links to repeater networks. Canada.
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