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Custom Knives Websites

Sites of craftspersons who custom design and fabricate knives, with an emphasis on the educational, ie. shop tours, tutorials, knife components.- Category ID : 87490
1 -

Carolina Custom Knives

Custom handmade and collectible knives. Upcoming show, knife detail and gallery.
2 -

Ranger Original Handcrafted Knives

For hunting, fishing, camping, gifts, presentation, kitchen, and tableware.
3 -

A.T. Barr Knives

Folding knives of various steels, some with titanium bolsters.
4 -

Large selection of custom knives. Knife information, books, links, and sharpening stones.
5 -

Center Cross Metal Works

From straight blades to folders by maker Gene Osborn.
6 -

JANO Knives

Materials, machines, and tools for both professional and amateur knifemakers.
7 -

Ray Rogers Knives

Maker from Everett, Washington USA. Shows techniques and processes.
8 -

Don Cowles Knives

Handmade hunting knives, Damascus steel and exotic material. Shop tour.
9 -

Beltgrinders for Knifemaking

Instructions for building a beltsander belt grinder for knifemaking.
10 -

Ken Wolfe Knives

Custom handmade knives with engraving and or carving. Skinners, Filet, Bowies from 440C, ATS34, Sawblade Steel.
11 -

Sheffield Knifemaking Supply

From rare Damascus steel to bone handle and other exotic materials. Tools for professionals and hobbyists.
12 -

Polar Bear Forge

Knives by Jamie Boley, of South Dakota. Shop tour, technical information.
13 -

Larry Gotkin Knives

Scrimshaw, Japanese swords, flint and obsidian knives. Includes tutorial on Japanese-style knives and swords.
14 -

Ed Caffrey, ABS Mastersmith

Hand forged cutlery, specializing in mosaic Damascus steel. Classes, forum, articles.
15 -

Stan Wilson Custom Knives

Linerlock folders and fixed blades, curvaceous design, variety of natural materials. Interesting shop tour.
16 -

Dan Graves Knives

Bowies, skinners, art, utility, miniatures, survival. Discusses materials and methods.
17 -

Eugene Schreiner Knives

Gallery of handmade knives, description of materials and brief history.
18 -

Damascus by Devin Thomas

Maker of exotic Damascus patterns. Shop photos, heat treating methods.
19 -

Tomahawks by Two Hawks

Tomahawks of 6150 vanadium spring steel and American hickory.
20 -

Walter Sorrells Blades

Japanese inspired blades, includes information about how blades are made, Japanese sword terminology, and martial arts usage.
21 -

Australian Military Knives

A site about the manufacturers and users of Australian military knives.
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