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The battle of the genders! What a great topic for jokes, humor and fun. Sites in Recreation:Humor:Relationships helps us laugh at ourselves. Anti-men and women sites can be found here as well as some funny tests and stories!- Category ID : 87422
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Offers free email text generator to help you end your relationship by email.
2 -

Planet of the Exes

A comical look at divorce, breaking up, and relationships.
3 -

Mother-in-Law Stories

Sharing fun stories about mother-in-laws.
4 -

Male, Female, Neuterale

A collection of jokes and pictures about relationships and gender.
5 -

Men Still Think With Their Clubs

Excerpts from a humorous book featuring the diary of a seductive Stone Age cave woman and her exploits.
6 -

Ladder Theory

Funny and scientific explanation of how men and women are attracted to each other.
7 -

Black Hearts Party

A place for the bitter and jaded to celebrate the grim realities of love.
8 - Relationship Humor

Small collection of jokes about relationships, marriage, weddings, and divorce.
9 -


Documenting real break up letters, anonymously online. Reality TV in a weblog.
10 -

Why I Will Never Have A Girlfriend

A proof, using simple statistical calculus, of why it is impossible to find a girlfriend.
11 -

Bitter Slut

An open look at bitter breakups with articles and revenge stories.
12 -

Pseudo-Science of Love!

A light-hearted attempt at trying to apply logic and reasoning to the madness of love and relationships.
13 -


Brutally honest dating and relationship advice for the cynical, bitter and jaded.
14 -

Whack Your Ex

A fun, animated game where you can whack your ex.
15 -


Funny relationship and love pictures.
16 -

Pickup Lines Galore!

A massive collection of funny pickup lines sorted by category.
17 -

ReaniMate Dating Humor

Dating blog. A collection of humorous articles and blurbs revolving around dating anew.
18 -

Frankely My Dear

Blog from writer, Laurie Frankel.
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