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Wild Foods Websites

Designed for English language sites with information regarding identifying, gathering and/or preparing wild foods including, but not limited to: game animals, birds and fish; plants and plant products; fungi; insects; honey; shellfish; reptiles and amphibians.- Category ID : 87125
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Wilderness Survival: Edible Plants

Describes the identification and preparation of flora for consumption. Includes diagrams, the Universal Edibility Test, and lists of edible varieties.
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General information about Crithmum maritimum or sea fennel.
3 -

Laurel (Bay)

Description and information on Laurus nobilis.
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Information and description on Sassafras officinale.
5 -

Razor Clams

Instructions on digging, cleaning and cooking razor clams along the west coast of the USA. Includes photographs.
6 -

Use of Insects by Australian Aborigines

Article from Cultural Entomology Digest 1. Includes information on types used for food, as well as their place in mythology and art.
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You Can Become a Hardcore Forager

Article from Backwoods Home Magazine, issue 47. Includes information on tools needed, safety, preparation, as well as details on some plants, frogs, turtles and fish.
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Wild Harvest

Information on gathering and cooking mushrooms, fiddleheads, ramps, and leaks. Calendar of seasonal availability, recipes and tips.
9 -

Wild Food Adventures

Institute for the Study of Edible Wild Plants and Other Foragables. Provides expertise in wild edible plants .
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Seattle Times: The Geoduck Chronicles

How an obscure bivalve became the object of international desire. Humorous article about this soft-shelled clam. [Free Registration Required]
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Wild Food Plants

A blog for information and resources for wild food plants worldwide.
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Foraging and Wild Food Courses

Information about foraging in the UK.
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Facts on Fiddleheads

University of Maine Cooperative Extension bulletin with picture, description, recipes, safety notices, and information on cooking and pickling the young coiled fern leaves.
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University of Kentucky Entomology for Kids: Bugfood!

Lesson plans and information on the nutritive use of insects, intentional and unintentional. Includes suggested reading list and bibliography.
15 -

Choosing and Using Edible Flowers

North Carolina State University horticulture information leaflet. Provides information on growing and harvesting, as well as a table with common names, scientific names, flavors, colors, and comments.
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Hunter Gather Cook

A foraging and cookery school that also runs courses in sustainability. Provides course information and booking form.
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