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Barbecue and Grilling Websites

This category is for sites discussing or having recipes for barbecue (BBQ) and grill cooking.- Category ID : 81661
1 -

National Barbecue News

News, recipes, and products for barbecue, grills, grilling, cooking contests, barbecue sauce, and restaurants.
2 -

Picnic recipes from Razzle Dazzle Recipes

Recipes for picnics, tailgate parties or backyard barbeques.
3 -

Advice on smoking woods, rubs, sauces.
4 -

The Virtual Weber Bullet

Barbecue related recipes, resources, and discussion.
5 -

The Smoke Ring

From novice to large competition BBQ and smoking tips.
6 -

Grilling Seafood and Fish

BBQ grill tips for fish and shrimp. Freezing, thawing, and handling tips.
7 -

HowStuffWorks: How Grills Work

Illustrated explanation of how gas grills work. Explains how charcoal is made, and the differences between liquid-propane (LP) and natural-gas grills.
8 -

Planet Barbecue

Recipes for beginners and help on barbecuing all the year round.
9 -

Prime Cuts Seasoning Recipe Exchange

A competition barbecue cooking team provides free step-by-step instructions and pictures for cooking pork, beef, chicken, and ribs.
10 -

Yummy Barbeque BBQ Grill Recipes

Recipes include Shrimp on the Barbie, Flank Steak, and Pizza on the BBQ. Some include photos.
11 -

Smoking Meat Forums

A virtual source for everything you want to know about smoking meat and BBQ.
12 -

Girls At The Grill

Grilling and barbecue tips "for girls." Grilling 101, stocking your pantry, tricks and advice. Elizabeth Karmel provides recipes, suggestions on accessories, fashion and fun.
13 -

The British Barbecue Pit

A British site for barbecuing and sausage making techniques, tips, and recipes.
14 -

Barbecue Smoker Recipes

Small collection of recipes and tips.
15 -

Barbecue Sauce and Marinade

Recipes for barbecue sauces and marinades for meat, poultry, fish, and seafood.
16 -

The BBQ Site

Advice on meats, woods, seasonings, and techniques for slow-roasting over wood smoke.
17 -

BBQ Myths

Contains articles about how to barbeque, equipment tips, and woods chips vs charcoal.
18 -

BBQ Junkie

Includes articles on books, competitions, recipes, and equipment.
19 -

Grilling Companion

Techniques for grilling vegetables and meats.
20 -

Cows Are Delicious

Contains grilling recipes, reviews and tips.
21 -

Backyard Smoker Barbeque Chef

Includes information aimed at people who want to learn how to barbeque on a smoker grill.
22 -

Barbeque Lovers

Contains recipes, grilling tips and tricks, restaurant reviews, reviews of sauces, rubs and marinades, and dutch oven cooking.
23 -

Grilling 24x7

Contains pictures, recipes and tips relating to charcoal grilling.
24 -

Smoker King, The

Contains pages about rubs, marinades, sauces, and bbq instructions.
25 -

Grillin Fools

Contains a discussion of the art and science of grilling, BBQing, smoking, and indirecting.
26 -

Hot Smoke BBQ

Recipes and helpful hints for indirect grilling and hot smoking.
27 -


Collection includes recipes for various meats, desserts, seafood, and vegetables.
28 -

AmazingRibs, Inc.

How to make authentic barbecue including tips on technique, sauce recipes, and a buying guide to smokers and accessories.
29 -

BBQ Blog

Blog offering bbq and chili recipes.
30 -

BBQ Sauce Reviews

Reviews sweet, sour, tangy, and spicy barbecue sauce for tailgating, cookouts, or backyard grilling.
31 -

Tasty Grilling

Barbecue and grilling related recipes and tips with photographs and videos.
32 -

Food Network Grilling Central

Collection of barbecue and grilling recipes, tips, and techniques.
33 -

Grilling with Rich

Barbecue and grilling products ratings and reviews, recipes, interviews with BBQ pros, cooking classes, videos, photographs, and news.
34 -

No Excuses BBQ

Barbequeing and grilling blog from the Pacific Northwest with techniques, product reviews, recipes, and photographs.
35 -

Q 4 Fun

Blog with reviews of bbq products and restaurants. Includes BBQ related recipes and interviews.
36 -

BBQ Smoker Site

Barbecue recipes, reviews, products, and news.
37 -

How To BBQ Right

Barbecue recipes, tips, and methods to improve cooking, grilling and slow-smoking for backyard BBQ enthusiasts.
38 -

The BBQ Central Show

Radio program that can be heard online. Includes show archive, schedule, and youtube channel.
39 -

BBQ Central Forum

Wide variety of discussion areas covering everything barbecue and grilling.
40 -


BBQ and grilling techniques, equipment, cooking styles, and recipes
41 -

Smoking Pit

BBQ, grilling, and Santa Maria Style cooking recipes with step by step instructions and instructional videos.
42 -


Weekly video show featuring barbecue recipes, tips, tricks, advice and fun. Hosted by Jack Waiboer and Bill West.
43 -

HankBob BBQ

Blog with grilling and barbecueing recipes, tips, reviews, interviews, and videos.
44 -

AlbuKirky BBQ and Other Stuff

Blog about grilling, barbequeing, and outdoor cooking.
45 -

BBQ Bros

Barbecue blog featuring recipes, cooking tips, and equipment reviews.
46 -

BBQ Like a Pro

Covers grills, recipes, smokers, accessories, tools, and tailgating.
47 -

Patio Daddio BBQ

Celebrates barbecue, grilling, and outdoor cooking with recipes for ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, barbecue sauces, steaks, hamburgers, along with barbecue product reviews.
48 -

Outdoor Cooking Channel

Video shows covering barbecue, grilling, and Dutch oven cooking.
49 -

Includes techniques, tutorials, recipes, and guide to meat smoking the right way.
50 -

Barbecue Master

Blog with product and restaurant reviews, tips, recipes, and techniques.
51 -

Extraordinary BBQ

Offers barbecue basics, tips, rescipes, reviews, articles, and podcasts.
52 -

Nibble Me This

Barbecue and grilling recipes, tips, and product reviews.
53 -

Cooking in My Yard

Blog with barbecue and grilling tips and recipes.
54 -

Barbecue Secrets

Blog and podcasts with recipes, tips, and techniques.
55 -

BBQ Guam

Blog with recipes, tips, and photographs.
56 -

BBQ Queens

Help and recipes from Karen Adler and Judith Fertig.
57 -

Grilling Montana

A collection of culinary successes and failures, often done on the grill.
58 -


Blog with barbecue and grilling techniques and recipes.
59 -

BBQ Pit Boys

BBQ and grilling recipes and tips explained on videos.
60 -

Barbecue Rankings

A search for the 100 best barbecue restaurants in America.
61 -

Texas Barbecue

The art and science of Texas barbecue from Texas A&M University. Features news, university course, barbecue camps, meat selection, seasoning recipes, BBQ science, cooking and smoking tips, food safety, and videos.
62 -

Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen

Television show presents episodes, videos, tips, recipes, ans tools.
63 -

Gusface Grillah

Australian barbecue and grilling blog.
64 -

Grilling Smoking and Baking

Recipes and tips for using the big green egg.
65 -

Mad Meat Genius

Fun and unusual ways of preparing meat with a few vegetables now and then.
66 -

Patrons of the Pit

Two guys present grilling adventures.
67 -

Nor Cal BBQ

Blog about the California barbecue world by Jeremiah Johnson.
68 -

Selected videos on all things barbecue and grilling.
69 -

Bbq Dry Rubs

Weblog with barbecue tips, recipes and equipment reviews.
70 -

Another Pint Please

Blog about grilling, beer and photography.
71 -

Big Green Craig

Blog dedicated to grilling recipes and tips using a Big Green Egg.
72 -

BBQ Food 4U

Website with bbq recipes, tips and videos.
73 -

Grilling Fanatic

Blog with bbq recipes and reviews.
74 -

The Salted Pig

Blog offering bbq and grilling recipes.
75 -

The Big Green Eggic

Website dedicated to usage of the Big Green Egg.
76 -

Taste of BBQ

Website offering bbq recipes and grilling instructions.
77 -

Kamado Jim

Features kamado grilling and smoking tips, recipes, reviews, giveaways.
78 -

Weber Rotisserie Central

Blog dedicated to rotisserie grilling and slow cooking on Weber kettles and gas grills.
79 -

BBQ with Jeff

Backyard bbq blog with a focus on product reviews and Weber grills.
80 -

Adam Perry Lang

Barbecue and grilling expert and chef. Includes books, restaurant ventures, recipes, and news.
81 -

Meat, Fire, Beer

Backyard barbecue weblog with recipes.
82 -

Smoking Chicken

Backyard barbecue weblog with recipes.
83 -

Weber Is Grilling

Personal weblog with grilling recipes.
84 -


Grilling blog with a focus on simple, fresh and fun recipes with heavy emphasis on innovative grilling ideas and healthy recipes for indoors or out.
85 -

Outdoor Grilling

Grilling safety, flavoring tips, and recipes.
86 -

Kingsford Country

Tips for charcoal grilling, FAQs and news from the company.
87 -

Go Blu BBQ

Blog about barbecue and Michigan sports.
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