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Lamb and Mutton Websites

This category is for the listing of sites having lamb and mutton recipes on them. Lamb - A young sheep; especially one that is less than one year old or without permanent teeth. Mutton - The flesh of a mature sheep used for food. In some cultures, especially on the Indian subcontinent, when the recipe calls for mutton, it can mean goat meat rather than mature sheep meat.- Category ID : 81619
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Coffee Kebab

A recipe for preparing boneless lamb in a coffee based marinade, from the Roast and Post Coffee Co.
2 -

Lamb Roasted with Coffee

A traditional Swedish recipe. Using coffee cuts the fatty quality of the meat and produces the gravy.
3 -

Cuisine Ideas - Lamb

A listing of recipes covering grilled, fried and roasted. Also offers a section on food tips and serving ideas
4 -

Pepper Fool Lamb Recipes

An index of hot and spicy recipes. Links are also provided to a chili pepper photo gallery and a spicy style restaurant review.
5 -

Special Recommended Recipes

Provides recipes from various accommodation and restaurant establishments. Links to holiday destinations and related sites are also included.
6 -

Shoulder of Mutton with Oysters

This recipe is from a 17th century cookbook, "A Boke of Gode Cookery." A link is provided for viewing all of the recipes in the book.
7 -

1918 Boston Cooking-School

The lamb and mutton recipe section from the pages of this old Fannie Merritt Farmer Cook Book. Other recipes from the book are also available.
8 -

Beekman Wine Lamb

A list of recipes that include suggestions with each one for which wine would be the best accompaniment. Also provided are links to restaurant and wine reviews.
9 -

Lamb Recipes

Collections of recipes from several ethnic sources.
10 -

Dakota Lamb Growers Cooperative

Recipes with pictures, for lamb dishes. Also provides nutrition facts, information on lamb cuts, and preparation techniques.
11 -

Lamb Collection

A variety of recipes from the collection of Micaela Pantke. Each recipe names the source from which it was received.
12 -

Leg of Lamb Collection

A variety of ways for preparing a leg of lamb, from the recipe collection of Micaela Pantke. Source for each recipe is included.
13 -

Barrah Kabab

A boneless lamb recipe prepared in Indian herbs.
14 -

Horizon Meats New Zealand

A lamb cuisine recipe book covering main dishes, barbecue, salads, and stews. There is a plain text printer friendly version of each recipe.
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