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Dieting is a popular topic in magazines, and is often the subject of research, with results published in professional journals.- Category ID : 80794
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Weight Watchers International

Offers a holistic approach to weight loss. Includes details of the Momentum program, recipes and food tips, meeting locations and success stories.
2 - BMI Bibliography

A bibliography containing comments on the published science of body mass index and body fat measurement.
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ScienceDaily: Late-Night Eating Myth

Dispels the myth that eating later in the day is more likely to cause weight gain.
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Weighing the Evidence in Diet Ads

US Government fact sheet explaining false and misleading claims commonly made in weight loss ads.
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If Not Dieting, Then What - Dr. Rick Kausman

Provides help and support for people to achieve and maintain a healthy, comfortable weight without being deprived of food or losing quality of life.
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Weight loss Information

Including everything you need to know from exercises, to diet tips, and motivation.
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Eat Fat and Grow Slim

A simple explanation of how most people get fat and how they can easily become slim again without starving or enduring unpleasant diets. Written by Richard Mackarness, M.B.,B.S.
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To attain and maintain the ideal weight, the healthy way. Offers message boards, chat, exercise, food for the soul, recipes and success stories.
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Winning with Wendy

Motivation and support for Weight Watchers members. Includes Winning Points recipes, tips, and links.
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Dieting Review

Reviews the general guidelines and the positive and negative aspects of most popular diets. Includes a selection of weight loss tools and a forum.
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Provides information about the Zone diet plan. Includes an introduction, getting started, and the science behind the plan.
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Weight Loss For All

Provides weight loss solutions through education. Offers articles on exercise, diet, fitness, weight loss tips, and metabolism.
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Overweight .net

Provides weight management resources, tools, and recipes.
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John La Puma, M.D.

Food and medical information, and recipes, from a physician and professionally trained chef.
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Body Mass Index Calculators

Offers tables for men and women, with adjustments for older and younger individuals. Includes explanation of results.
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Program and workshops by Dr. Terlinsky to reduce weight offer physician assistance, multi-modal approach and individualized treatment. Virginia.
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Weight Loss Psychology - Brainwashing Diet Programs

Information on a psychological affirmation method of weight-loss. Includes book excerpts.
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The Lose Weight Diet

Provides a free diet and exercise plan, with an explanation of each phase, and an analysis of common advice. Also includes a comparison of popular diet programs.
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The Calorie Control Council

Explains how to cut calories and reduce fat in a diet. Recommendations on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, and selection of low-calorie, reduced fat foods and beverages.
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Individualized diets to lower weight, cholesterol, triglyceride, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Tips, books, online nutrient analysis of your diet, plus nutrition counseling with a dietitian.
21 - Diet and Nutrition

Provides diet information including low carb diets, diet reviews, and other health information.
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Weight Loss:

Links to information about diets, emotional eating, fitness, nutrition, cooking and more, as well as weekly feature articles.
23 - - Weight Loss

Includes information on therapies, prevention and healthy living.
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WebMD - BMI Calculator

Find information about and calculate your Body Mass Index.
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Wikipedia - Weight Loss

Crowd-sourced encyclopedia article about weight loss and related topics.
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