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Dogs can be trained to find lost or injured people, or human remains (cadavers). They may be used for individual cases or as part of a large rescue operation, for example after a natural disaster.- Category ID : 80266
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Swiss Disaster Dog Association

Non-profit organisation who trains rescue dogs and handlers to search for buried persons in rubble or lost in the wilderness. Information, mission history and links. Switzerland.
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International Rescue Dog Organisation

A worldwide umbrella organisation for all national rescue dog organisations that are dedicated to saving, protecting from injury, and preserving human health and well-being through the use of dogs. History, information and contact details. Based in Austria.
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SAR K9 Tips

Search and rescue K9 newsgroup. Weekly tips sent by e-mail. Information on how to subscribe.
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Contains educational material and general information about canine search and rescue.
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Central Search Dogs

A volunteer organisation based in New Zealand. Includes details of teams, sponsors, expertise, and certification.
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Forum and message board with email list for people who use, train, or want to know more about training and using dogs for Search and Rescue.
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An international volunteer search and rescue dog organization, based in Germany. About the team, contact information. Emergency disaster response world wide.
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Search and Rescue dog Association of Ireland

A voluntary emergency search and rescue organization concerned with the training, assessment and deployment of air scenting search and rescue dogs, to search for missing persons. Ireland.
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Search and Rescue Dogs in the Netherlands

The site describe search and rescue teams in the Netherlands. History, activities, news and links.
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Canine Search and Rescue Group

Email discussion group provided to further the networking and sharing of information related to all aspects of search and rescue dogs.
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SAR Dogs Otago Inc

A voluntary organization dedicated to the training and deployment of Search Dogs in a variety of search and rescue environments, including wilderness/bush, avalanche and disaster. Information included on using dogs in SAR, search reports, resources, training, members and links, plus photo album.
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Search and Rescue Dogs Australia

A volunteer search and rescue organization using canine teams to assist all emergency services. Based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.
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SAR dogs Iceland

Association who trains search and rescue dogs for rescue teams all over Iceland and provides dogs to search for missing persons wherever and whenever required. Information and member area.
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SAR Technical Information Page

Links to technical search and rescue equipment and resources.
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Stichting Inzet Reddingshond Nederland

A disaster relief organization, which operates with rescue dogs on a national and on an international scale. Information, member area and links.
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New Zealand Land Search and Rescue Search Dogs.

Volunteer organization performing emergency search and rescue throw out New Zealand. Based in Wellington.

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