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First Responders Websites

This category is for organizations that provide emergency medical care, but do not provide ambulance transport.- Category ID : 80245
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Emory University EMS First Responder Unit

Provides non-transport emergency medical care. Contains unit description, director, operations, training, resources, and alumni.
2 -

Geneseo State College First Response

Providing non-transport emergency care on campus. Site contains information about the unit and how to join.
3 -

Bates College EMS

All volunteer, non-transport emergency medical service serving the Bates College campus. Service description, statistics, member and contact information, and pictures.
4 -

Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps

First response emergency medical team for Brandeis University. Contains news, corps information and history, pictures, constitution, and protocols.
5 -

Cornell University Emergency Medical Service

Student run EMS serving the Cornell community. Community announcements, contact and membership information, photo gallery, and description of activities.
6 -

University of Massachusetts at Amherst EMS

Provides non-transport emergency care. Service description, events, links, pictures, and members.
7 -

Western Emergency Medical Services

Non-transport agency serving Western Illinois University. Includes overview, how to join, services, members, and officers.
8 -

Colby Emergency Response

Student run emergency care service for Colby College. Includes staff, schedules, equipment, training, and contact.
9 -

Dartmouth Emergency Medical Services

Overview of student organization providing non-transport care at college events.
10 -

Florida State University First Responder Unit

Includes overview, photos, and articles.
11 -

Lehigh University Emergency Medical Services

Includes brief description, constitution, e-mail contact, and members section.
12 -

Radford University Emergency Medical Services

Advanced life support first responders in western Virginia. Includes history, newsletter, members, pictures, and links.
13 -

University of Massachusetts at Lowell EMS

Includes history, staff, vehicles, call logs, upcoming events, and EMT classes.
14 -

Purdue University Stadium Rescue Squad

Provides emergency medical assistance to fans at the football games and other sporting events. Contains history, standard operating procedures, officers, and pictures.
15 -

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Emergency Medical Services

Includes news, officers, roster, schedule, training, operation, and links.
16 -

Carnegie Mellon University Emergency Medical Services

Non-transport, prehospital care service. Includes service description, training, links, and a standby request form.
17 -

Alfred University Rescue Squad

Includes news, phone list, committees, meeting minutes, and bylaws for this first responder team.
18 -

Rice University Emergency Medical Services

Basic life support, non-transport agency. Include history, operations, statistics, contact information, and EMS education.
19 -

Tufts University Emergency Medical Services

Providing initial emergency care on campus. Includes overview, how to join, classes, and request form for events.
20 -

Santa Clara University EMS

Includes organization information, profiles, links, calendar, and membership information.
21 -

Cortland State College Campus Rescue

Includes membership and general information, CPR classes, stand-bys and hall programs, and a tour of the squad quarters.
22 -

University of Guelph First Response Team

Student volunteer emergency care providers. Includes news, team description, contact information, and members.
23 -

West Chester University Emergency Medical Services

Includes meetings, officers, special events, pictures, and contact information.
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