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Stress Websites

Stress is a psychological response to stimuli and events that can overwhelm the natural defensive mechanisms that control behavior and develop into physiological problems.- Category ID : 78465
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International Stress Management Association (UK)

Has articles from their journal Stress News, links and general advice on lifestyle and exams stress.
2 -

The American Institute of Stress

Details ways to identify and manage stress effectively.
3 -

Why Be Nervous?

Explores nervousness and stress and suggests that there is a link to low blood sugar.
4 -

HSE: Work Related Stress

Provides information on best practice and the responsibilities of different staff members in the workplace to reduce stress levels and comply with the law.
5 -

Crying Shame

Special investigation by Hazards magazine about stress in the workplace and how some people become so distressed that they opt for suicide.
6 -

Stress Free Mama

Aims to help mothers and their families become sane again. Includes information about stress, its causes and effects, self-massage, meditation, yoga and aromatherapy and invites mothers to recount their own experiences.
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Briefly describes the types, causes, symptoms, management and control of stress.
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eMedicine Health Stress

Overview of stress and its causes, symptoms, and treatment.
9 -

NHS: Stress, anxiety and depression

Provides an overview, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatments, complications and prevention.
10 -

Bupa: Stress

Factsheet with information on this condition, the symptoms, different types, causes and treatment.
11 -

Psychophysiology of Stress

An article that describes the physical effects of stress by Ernesto (Ernie) A. Randolfi, Ph.D.
12 -

BBC Science: What is Stress?

Explains the causes and psychology of it.
13 -

Offers a test, articles, lists of symptoms and causes and suggested treatments.
14 -

Family Stress Relief Guide

Gives advice and relaxation techniques for babies, toddlers, teens and parents.
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Provides articles and advice to help avoid and alleviate stress. Explains how it affects people and their relationships and offers psychological tests.
16 -

Information about anxiety and panic attacks. Includes product reviews.
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