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Mah Jongg Websites

A game of Chinese origin usually played by four persons with tiles resembling dominoes and bearing various designs, which are drawn and discarded until one player wins with a hand of four combinations of three tiles each and a pair of matching tiles.- Category ID : 63853
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Mah Jong - Modern Japanese Rules

Loose summary of Japanese terminology, game play and scoring.
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Mah Jongg - Worldwide Web Site

Includes related software, beginners guide, rules, history, symbolism, club and tournament listing, and links.
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A Spotlight On Games: Mah Jongg Scoring Chart

Summary of the scoring for Chinese classical rules.
5 -

Mahjong News

International competitions news, calendar and forum. European Mahjong Association player rankings. Summary of major rules used in tournaments. Book and computer game reviews. In English and Dutch.
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Mahjong Singapore Style

Rules and a Java-based computer game for the Singapore style of Mahjong.
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Red Dragon

Software for tracking and calculating game results.
8 -

Mah-Jongg Forum

Forum mainly for players in Germany. In English and German.
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Wikipedia: Mahjong

History of the game. Descriptions of major rule variants and gameplay.
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Gareth and Jane Saunders: About Mah Jong

Lists outlets in England, Scotland and Ireland where Mahjong sets can be purchased on-line and on the street. Downloadable print-it-yourself Mahjong kards
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Analytical Articles on Mah-Jong

Bit and pieces of mathematical studies about Mahjong. Mostly Chinese Official rules.
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Four Winds Mah Jong Knowledge Base

Information on the history, symbolism and rules of major Mahjong variants. Maintained by Lagarto, the maker of Four Winds Mah Jong game software.
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The Lacobies: Mahjong

Rules and guide to the game of Mahjong, with an emphasis on Hong Kong Old Style Scoring.
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Mah-Jongg: The Tiles That Bind

Documentary film about Jewish and Asian women who play Mahjong.
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Cool Old Games

Devoted to vintage board games of the 1920s through 1940s with an emphasis on Mahjong. Includes photo galleries and information on care and restoration.
16 -

Japanese Mahjong

Detailed instructions on playing Japanese Four and Three-Player Mahjong.
17 -

Mahjong Wiki

A wiki-style site. Focuses on the rules and scoring for different types variations.
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The Rules for Modern American Mah-jongg

Describes American-style Mahjong as it is played today.
19 -

The Mahjong Archives

Archives of all postings made on Usenet between January 1998 and November 2000.
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A website dedicated to old Mah Jongg games and accessories.
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Solitaire MahJongg

A website by Vegard Krog Petersen. Contains history, rules, layouts, and tilesets.
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Japanese Mahjong

A complete reference for the Japanese Mahjong (reach mahjong). Rules, strategy guides and everything related to the game.
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Mah-Jong, British Rules

An illustrated description of Mah-Jong (BMJA rules) with beginners’ guide. Advice & info about other sites, buying sets, clubs, organizations, teachers.
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Zung Jung Mahjong Scoring System

A website about Mah Jongg scoring system developed for international competitions.
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