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A "reseller" is approximately a retail channel speech and voice recognition software products agency. They may additionally provide training or other tailoring services for these products. Typically they resell IBM or ScanSoft/Dragon PC based speech recognition products.- Category ID : 61252
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Next Generation Technologies Inc.

Specializes in speech recognition solutions ranging from consultations to complete hardware and software integrations. Serves greater Seattle, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.
2 -

Crown International

IBM certified solution expert in speech recognition using IBM ViaVoice software. Offers 26 speech specialty packages for medical, legal and law enforcement use. Consulting, training, customization and support are available.
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NextWave Solutions

Dragon products, accessories and downloadable demos available, white papers for medical and legal implementation of speech recognition.
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Exaq Micro Services

Specialists in speech recognition and paperless office systems. Background, FAQs and contact information.
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21st Century Eloquence

Online store offering Dragon, Lernout and Hauspie, IBM software as well as microphones and digital recorders for dictation and transcription.
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McK Consulting Inc.

Toronto, Ontario based with 10 years training users on IBM ViaVoice. On-site training for IBM ViaVoice. Corporate, legal, medical, judicial and government organizations. Support includes training videos (VHS and DVD), audio CDs and manuals. Certified IBM Advanced Speech Business Partner.
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UK based company, certified Dragon reseller and IBM business speech partner. Provides training and after sales support.
8 -

Softnet Systems, Inc.

Includes list of hints for buyers and users of speech recognition systems. Current focus is on the Dragon NaturallySpeaking product line.
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Volunteer organization providing computers and teaching via speech recognition software, to quadraplegics in the state of Florida.
10 -

Voice PC

Toronto based Dragon Systems reseller offering speech-enabled hardware, software and support packages, also for persons with disabilities.
11 -

Harcote Industries Limited

Provides speech recognition software and hardware solutions including digital audio recorders, microphones, wireless, telephony dictation and conferencing solutions, IBM ViaVoice, Olympus, ArialPhone, Andrea, Plantronics, SyberSay.
12 -

Voice Recognition Australia

Dragon Naturally Speaking Software, including Dragon Medical Practice Edition and Dragon Professional. Digital voice recorders including Olympus and Philips dictation. Also stock usb microphones for speech recognition software.
13 -

1st Voice Solutions

Official UK/Worldwide distributors for Dragon NaturallySpeaking software.
14 -


Specializes is helping people select and use speech recognition software. World wide training using an instructor-led one-on-one on-line training method.
15 -

Say I Can

Offers Dragon and ViaVoice speech software, books, instructional videos/CDs, recorders, and other speech recognition products and services.
16 -


Speech technology consulting and solutions specializing in voice-enabling Web-based content as well as hands-free applications such as inspection, assembly, maintenance, repair, and data entry.
17 -

Databell Computing

UK based company, certified Scansoft reseller of Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software. Provides complete voice activated solutions, including software, hardware, training and free telephone after sales support.
18 -

Focus Medical Software

Sells Dragon NaturallySpeaking medical transcription software and provides related services in the San Francisco area.
19 -

Lexacom Digital Dictation software

Provides organizations a flexible, efficient digital dictation solution - whether at the office or out and about. Has software for Pocket PC.
20 -

1st Voice

Dragon NaturallySpeaking reseller. On-line video demonstration.
21 -

Sonant Software

Sells a variety of speech recognition software. UK based.
22 -

Talk, Send, Type - digital dictation

Resellers in the UK for all types of digital dictation by Dictaphone, Olympus, Philips and Sanyo, as well as speech recognition and workflow software by Dragon and DictaNet.
23 -

Speereo Software UK Ltd.

Develops voice-enabled applications for a wide range of platforms, including work stations, embedded devices, mobile devices. Offers licensing for speaker-independent speech recognition engine.
24 -

Speaking Naturally

Dragon NaturallySpeaking reseller. Offers testimonials, system requirements, upgrades, mobility information, microphones, and a video demo.
25 -

Speakit Solutions

UK based online reseller for Dragon NaturallySpeaking as well as digital dictation equipment such as Sony, Phillips, and Olympus.
26 -

Speech Empowered Computing

Provides Dragon NaturallySpeaking sales, installation, and training. Online newsletter, and information for product benefits, services, and training.
27 -

AWS - The Dragon People

Specializes in Dragon NaturallySpeaking sales, installation, training, customization, consultation, and support.
28 -

Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition

Provides documents production solutions for professionals in the legal and medical industry.
29 -

Say-Now (Voice Recognition Software)

Software to allow you to command and control any Windows application. Create voice commands to make Windows programs do what you want them to do. Use your voice instead of the mouse.
30 -

Hands Free Computing

Supplier of speech recognition software, hardware, training, support and consultancy. Providers voice recognition solutions for healthcare, including Dragon NaturallySpeaking specialist vocabularies for radiology and pathology.
31 -

Voice Automated

Reseller specialty medical vocabularies to be used with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and IBM Via Voice.
32 -

Talk It Up Technologies, Inc.

Offers consulting services, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking reseller. Company information, description of products and consulting services, and testimonials.
33 -


Provides insights into purchasing and using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Products, resources, help, and support.
34 -

Freedom of Speech

Provides speech recognition software solutions. Specializes in NaturallySpeaking software. News, available solutions, and company overview.
35 -


Multilingual shop for digital dictation, automatic transcription and speech recognition. Resells Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Offers free on-line demo.
36 -

Computer Help Education & Site Support

Provides speech recognition solutions including software, microphones and digital recorders. Resells Dragon, Sony, Philips, and Accustic Magic products. Technical support, and product and partner listing.
37 -

Vox Scripta

Reseller of Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software, digital recorders, and microphones.
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