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Spam news from 2002.- Category ID : 56096
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San Francisco Chronicle: Spam going mobile

Fight is on to keep unwanted text ads off cell phones.
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The Age: The dangers of spam SMS

You can get paid to receive ads on your mobile, but it might burst the spam dam, writes Nicole Manktelow.
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Christian Science Monitor: War on e-mail spam ratchets up in courts, legislatures |

A lawsuit against spam on the Internet is part of a larger effort to control the proliferation of unsolicited e-mail.
4 - 4 Million Won Penalty to 5 Companies Distributed `Spam mails` Indiscrimately.

5 companies including adult broadcasting companies and shopping malls that have sent `Spam mails` ignoring the rejection of the receivers were imposed to correctional fines.
5 - Spam Mail with False Title to be Punished

The person who sends e-mails without an indication of advertisement or containing false exaggerated ads will be punished of suspension of business license or criminal punishment from May.
6 - Compulsory Notice of `Adult Advertisement` for Sexual Spam Mails

The advertising mails containing bad things for juveniles like sexual and violent contents should attach the notice of `Ads for Adults` to the title from July.
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BBC News: Getting Tough On Spam

Unsolicited e-mail is becoming a problem for users and internet service providers.
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BBC News: Using the net to catch junk mail

A Napster-like network might be able to stem the tide of spam mail messages flooding the internet.
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BBC News: Nigeria grapples with e-mail scams

The Nigerian authorities declare war on the growing of number of fraudsters who use cyber cafes to send out phoney e-mails.
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BBC News: Hotmail puts squeeze on spam

Microsoft is taking action to cut down on the amount of spam reaching anyone with a Hotmail e-mail address.
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andersja: Spam, Hype and SpamAssassin

An article about hyped mail-filtering products versus freely available SpamAssassin.
12 -

BBC: E-mail makes surfers emotional

According to US-based net think-tank the Nielsen Norman Group, people can have highly emotional reactions to e-mail newsletters.
13 -

The Age: The Plague

On Monday the battle raging in cyberspace between spammers and their nemesis, junk mail activists, will be fought out in a courtroom, where a landmark judgement is expected to influence the future of direct marketing over the Internet.
14 -

BBC: Spam poses threat to privacy

Workplace privacy will be casualty in war on spam.
15 -

BBC News: Why one spam could cost $50

A US law firm has become the hero of the common people for its decision to take on the spam merchants who wage guerrilla warfare on our e-mail inboxes, offering everything from sex to cars and easy money to psychic readings.
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BBC News: US workers spared junk e-mails

Spam is not overwhelming the inboxes of US workers, despite the growing number of junk e-mails promoting get-rich-quick scams or pornographic websites, says a report.
17 -

BBC News: The web bites back

Protesters are turning the tables on government officials and businessmen who they say are making the web less pleasant to use.
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E-Commerce News: FTC Shuts Down 9-11 Spam Scam

The U.S. District Court ordered the immediate shutdown of a Web site owned by a European spam outfit for bilking more than $1 million from customers, Federal Trade Commission officials announced Monday.
19 - New Ways to Can Spam E-mail

New spam filter uses peer-to-peer networking tricks.
20 -

USA Today: E-mail avalanche even buries CEOs Take some tips from harried chief executives who are drowning in it

In the three seconds it takes to read this sentence, more than a half-million e-mails will land in in-boxes. By 2005, nearly that many will land each second. The e-mail avalanche knows no rank.
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The Register: AOL wins $7m in porn spam case

AOL has won $7m in damages after it claimed its punters had been bombarded with porn spam.
22 -

The Register: Anti-spam filters kill legitimate emails

Heavy-handed anti-spam filtering can frequently lead to the loss of legitimate emails.
23 -

The Register: Where the heck is all this spam coming from?

The growth of the spam problem in 2002 has been exponential, writes Kevin Murphy . Companies that sell spam filtering software say currently the percentage of email that is spam could be 20%, 33%, or even up to 50%, compared to less than 10% a year ago.
24 -

The Register: Hotmail, Yahoo! erect roadblocks for spam sign-ons

Spam fighters have come up with an idea to frustrate the automatic creation of email accounts often used to send spam.
25 - Consumer groups fight spam epidemic

A coalition of consumer groups plans to ask the federal government to rescue people from the deluge of unwanted commercial mail that clogs their inboxes and sucks up their time.
26 - Spam suit rings on Sprint

Sprint Communications is facing a lawsuit in Utah alleging that it sent unsolicited commercial messages, or spam, in violation of a recently enacted state statute.
27 - EU body pushes spam guidelines

The European Parliament has signed off on sweeping guidelines for Internet regulation, including prohibiting spam and the use of cookies without the explicit permission from Web surfers.
28 - Marketing group scrapes off spam label

The Direct Marketing Association has created mandatory ground rules for members sending sales pitches via e-mail, a move designed to help avoid a government crackdown on commercial messages.
29 - Anti-spam service battles bugs

A new anti-spam service launched with much fanfare this week is facing some technical hurdles out of the gate and frustration from the community it relies on to fight junk mail.
30 - Free speech or campaign spam?

California gubernatorial candidate Bill Jones is back online after his Web-hosting service shut down his campaign Internet site in protest over a mass e-mail that some outraged recipients compared to spam.
31 - Start-up wants your help to fight spam

Ordinary Web surfers could play a major role in stemming the rising tide of junk e-mail crippling the Net, if a new anti-spam company hits its mark.
32 - Groups seek federal action on spam

Spam has become such a menace to the Internet that the Federal Trade Commission should take swift steps to stanch the flow of bulk e-mail, three consumer groups said Wednesday.
33 - Spam filter a career killer?

A meeting reminder from the boss, a lascivious letter from a lover, or the daily tally from a fantasy football league: Which e-mail would you read first?
34 -

Instant Messaging Planet: Mobile Spam Banned in Calif.

Governor Gray Davis signs a bill that will prohibit the sending of spam to mobile phones and pagers starting next year.
35 -

Computerworld: Spam Wars

In the past year, spam has moved beyond personal e-mail accounts, invading business systems and graduating from societal pest to corporate enemy.
36 -

Computerworld: Spam: Arriving en masse to an e-mail address near you

Shifting from daily nuisance to serious IT and business concern, uncontrolled spam is prompting customers to arm themselves with tools to fight back against productivity loss, potential liability and bandwidth-clogging consequences that unsolicited commercial e-mail can bring to an enterprise.
37 -

Computerworld: Verizon settles lawsuit against spammer

The owner of a Detroit-based commercial e-mail company has agreed to a permanent injunction barring him from sending spam to customers of Verizon Online, a unit of Verizon Communications.
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Computerworld: Study: Amount of spam, virus-infected e-mails rising

A new report analyzing e-mail messages sent last month found that the problem of viruses and unsolicited e-mail continued to grow, hitting manufacturing, banking and finance, and health care particularly hard.
39 -

Computerworld: Search goes on for ways to stop spam

At a Global Internet Project conference today, IT and government officials looked at ways to counter the spreading nuisance of unwanted e-mail.
40 -

New Architect: A Tidal Wave Of Spam

Editorial. One man decides to give up on spam filtering.
41 -

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Deceptive chain e-mails targeted

FTC goes after spam purveyors who peddle dubious schemes.
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