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Walking the Line Between E-Mail and Spam

Getting people to say yes to marketing e-mails, and then getting them the messages that are most likely to make them buy, is a thriving industry of its own. [E-Commerce Times]
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Can Spam Ever Be Stopped?

Activists decry a loophole in proposed U.S. anti-spam laws that would allow each spammer to send one unsolicited e-mail before an ISP could take action against the spammer. [E-Commerce Times]
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Spam Report: U.S. Regulators Ignore Most Junk E-Mail

To date, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has only gone after spam in cases in which deceptive advertising was being prosecuted. Unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE) itself, regardless of its contents, has not been a target. [E-Commerce News]
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BBC News: EU laws target junk mail spam

Consumers across Europe who have been plagued by junk e-mails and phone messages are being told that new laws are on the way to control them.
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U.S. representatives mount attack on spam

A bill designed to give consumers and ISPs greater control over a flood of unwanted e-mail, commonly known as spam, was introduced Wednesday by the same U.S. representatives who sponsored the legislation in the last Congress. [CNN]
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A Third of Work E-Mail Wastes Time

A new study finds at least 34 percent of e-mail messages at work contain irrelevant information. []
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Data protection: "Junk" e-mail costs internet users 10 billion a year worldwide

Internet subscribers world-wide are unwittingly paying an estimated €10 billion a year in connection costs just to receive "junk" e-mails, according to a study undertaken for the European Commission.
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Official: Spam costs E10 billion

Spam costs Net users a whopping E10 billion ($9.33 billion) a year, according to the European Commission. [The Register]
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Spammer wrecks UUNet email service

UUNet customers have been left stranded without access to their email for the last 36 hours after the outfit took a "very big hit" from spammers earlier this week. [The Register]
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Evil spammers jailed for two years

Two Los Angeles men are to go to jail for their part in a bulk email scam which duped 12,000 people and severely impacted the operations of several large US ISPs. [The Register]
11 -

Europe bottles spam ban

A European committee has blocked plans to outlaw unsolicited commercial email dealing a major blow to anti-spam supporters. [The Register]
12 -

Europe warms to spam ban

Lobbyists for the European Internet industry believe their campaign for a ban on spam is gaining momentum. [The Register]
13 -

Euro spam vote in limbo

The European parliament has bungled its latest attempt to outlaw spam. [The Register]
14 -

Spammers face felony charges

Californians Michael Persaud, 24, of San Diego and Frank Kriticos, 25, of Santee will answer felony criminal charges of spamming and so earn the distinction of being the first people so charged in that state, according to a story in the local Union Tribune newspaper. [The Register]
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Anti-spam group makes up with pollster

A controversial anti-spam group agrees to remove a polling and market research firm from its database of suspected junk e-mailers. [C|Net]
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Bill aims to block wireless junk email

In our wireless world, can solicitors find you anywhere within cell range if you have a data-ready wireless phone turned on? []
17 -

Hotmail spam filters block outgoing e-mail

Ben Johnson has been sending e-mail for months from his Hotmail account, but he just discovered that some of them were diverted to the trash before arriving at their destination. []
19 -

UK marketeers to challenge EU email ban

The British marketing industry has begun the fight back against European Union proposals to ban all unsolicited emails. [Guardian Unlimited]
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