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Child Safety Websites

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Contains information about the dangers of children using the internet. Rules, advice, and tips relating to child security and the web.
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A public service brought by Internet industry corporations and public interest organizations to help insure that families have safe, constructive, educational and entertaining online experiences.
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Monitor and limit computer use by a schedule. See everything, web, e-mail, chat, and instant messages both on and off the Internet.
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A list of internet filtering products and comparison data for parents and teachers.
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Child Safety FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about child safety on the internet.
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Surfing Safely for Children

Page of hints and tips concerning safe internet usage for children, including pointers for parents.
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Educational resource from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Discusses various Internet safety topics.
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Be Web Aware

Tutorial and tips for parents on the benefits and risks of being on the Internet.
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Wise Kids

Works with communities, libraries, youth organisations, local education authorities, schools and businesses throughout Wales and elsewhere, to raise awareness of positive and safe Internet use.
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Filtered email service, offering graphical mail tools for youngsters. Parents have control over incoming messages, mail from unknown senders can be quarantined.
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Kid Smart

Practical online safety advice for teachers and parents, with lesson plans, online activities and resources.
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Providing contact details and resources for reporting online child abuse in many countries around the world.
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Email service for families, with a range of parental control features.
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Kid Safe Mail

Child safe email experience without spam, pornography or viruses.
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Content Purity

Free online tool designed to check computer for objectionable content.
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A site featuring the work and activities of a group of teenage online safety ambassadors who educate others about internet safety.
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i-SAFE America, Inc.

Incorporates classroom curriculum with dynamic community outreach to empower students, teachers, parents, law enforcement, and concerned adults to make the Internet a safer place.
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Optenet PC

Parental control software to filter internet content and prevent harmful sites and downloads. Can also help to manage time children are spending online.
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Provides the ability to trace the location of predators for reporting to authorities.
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Internet Dangers section highlights the primary dangers to kids online with specific focus on the sexual exploitation of children.
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Safe OnLine Outreach

A repository of information, research, resources, links and media reports regarding online sexual exploitation and internet safety.
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Includes safety, security and ethics tools and resources for helping families and educators teach children to use the internet safely and wisely.
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Nippy Web Browser

Free browser designed for pre-school children with peer-reviewed content and support website. Browser hides desktop to prevent access.
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Safe Eyes

Software with internet filtering, monitoring, logging, application control and time controls. Also Ethershield enterprise level filtering hardware.
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Carnegie Cyber Academy

Site created by Carnegie Mellon University that teaches about Internet safety through games and earned awards. Also a resource center for students and teachers.
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Kid Print Solutions

Provider of ForensicPrint Child ID Software, a digital ID solution for protection against child abduction.
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An email service aimed at children, designed to prevent spam and unwanted senders. Utilizes filtering and parental moderation, with various degrees of oversight.
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Kids Email

A safe email service enabling parents to protect their children online.
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Online workshops aimed at educators, provides guidance for helping students use the Internet safely, responsibly, and effectively.
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AOL Parental Controls

Free Parental Control software for kids and teens, available at no charge. Features activity reports, internet filters, an online timer and instant messaging controls.
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Wired Safety

A variety of online safety information, as well as online and offline projects involving organizations like Disney. Aimed at both adults and children.
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Think U Know

An interactive programme for children, teens, parents and other adults, with age-specific games, warnings, and advice.
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Gives parents control over what their children are doing online. Free and full versions available.
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SentryPC offers computer monitoring, filtering, and restriction of all PC activity. For home, business, education, and government users.
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Street Smart Kidz

Provides advice on internet safety, rules for schoolchildren, tips for parents, preventing child abuse.
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Common Sense Media

Information to help children stay safe and smart while using the Internet.
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TechMission Safe Families

Provides free parental control and internet filtering software, online safety and training resources.
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Cyberbullying Research and Resources

Presents research statistics, tips, prevention strategies, stories, fact sheets, handouts, and other downloads to combat cyber bullying.
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The Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication

Proactively saving lives by communicating 21st century responsibility to a digital generation.
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Surf Scope

Surf Scope records computer screen, stores it on router, then repetitively replays it on PC screensavers, deterring inappropriate browsing. Encryption, hardware methods prevent circumvention.
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My First Web Browser

Safe web browser for kids. Filters innapropriate material, disables access to unprotected browsers, blocks access to unsafe computer functionality. Includes configurable safelists and educational tools.
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HomeGuard blocks inappropriate content online, limits games, internet and computer access time, or blocks completely. Records keystrokes, takes screenshots when a website is visited or a program started.
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Monitoring tool for supervising children while they use mobile and internet technologies. Helps mitigate cyberbullying, sexting and internet child abuse.
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Monitoring program that allows parents to record and remotely view their children’s computer screen in real time.
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Candy Browser

Internet browser customized for children between 3-13 years. Limits browsing to a preset collection of safe websites, games and videos.
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Auditing services for identifying and sanitizing publicly available user profiles and private data.
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Free email service designed specially for children. Works on iPhone, iPad, Android and the Web. Provides parents full control over email accounts.
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Guides and other resources to help young people stay safe while using forums, email, chatting, online gaming, and social media websites.
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Internet safety and anti-bullying training resources.
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Familoop Safeguard

Provides parents with tools including content blocking, social media protection, location services, and device access management.
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Safe Gaming Zone

Information for keeping kids safe in online multiplayer games. Includes moderated discussion forum.
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Children and Technology

Various articles and guides discussing the safety of children on the internet. Helps parents learn what they need to know to keep their tech-savvy children and tweens safe online.
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