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IBM Mainframe refers to any computer that is compatible with IBM eserver zSeries computers and their predecessors, dating back to the System/360 first announced by IBM on April 7, 1964. Compatible in the software sense: it will run the same operating system.- Category ID : 55518
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Disaster Recovery Journal

Although business continuity is the focus, many articles are mainframe-related. Also hosts an annual conference.
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Computer Measurement Group

CMG is a user group focused on performance and resource management, especially for IBM mainframes, with an annual conference and exhibition in North America. Groups link lists local CMG groups worldwide.
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Planet MVS

Covers mainframe hardware and z/OS-related systems software topics. Including a collection of IBM Green Cards.
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Dinos Web Ring

Access to over 30 Web sites run by individuals interested in mainframes.
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Computer History: IBM 360/370/3090/390

A personal history of the IBM mainframe by Lars Poulsen.
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IBM Redbooks

Special type of less formal IBM manuals. Useful for users seeking more real-world examples than given in standard manuals. Usually details implementation and experiences of a project to implement IBM software and hardware, but some are conference presentation material. More often now, a few are introductory textbooks on a specific technology: IBM hardware or software product.
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Dictionary of the Mainframe World

6000 words and phrases currently in use and from the past, technical and marketing terms, as heard in IBM mainframe computer environments.
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IBM Resource Link

Convenient access to mainframe hardware and systems software planning and maintenance information. Registration is free, but is restricted to IBM customers, business partners and employees; confirmation takes about two business hours.
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Visara International

Provides SNA, 3270, 5250 and LAN/WAN integration products: displays, printers and controllers, including communication servers and console concentrators.
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ITPapers: IBM Mainframe

A directory of technical white papers, Webcasts, and case studies from IBM and other companies.
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Marc Niegowski: Systems Programmer At Large

Historical mainframe information plus tips and techniques for Assembler and C/C++. From a Systems Programmer specializing in mainframe telecommunications networks.
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Fujitsu Mainframe Servers

Manufacturer of IBM mainframe-compatible servers, services, software and storage. Fujitsu acquired Amdahl, originally founded by IBM System/360 architect Gene Amdahl.
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IBM Mainframe Servers

IBM home page for current mainframe computer systems, with links to an overview, software, operating systems, networking, I/O connectivity, solutions, news, events, FAQs, support, education and a library of documents.
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IBM Corporate Archives

Includes a Search facility. Catalog link then Products and Services includes information on and pictures of many historical pieces of mainframe hardware.
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Hitachi Data Systems

HDS provides hardware storage systems for multiple platforms, including the IBM mainframe. Related support, software and training is also available.
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BookManager: IBM Softcopy Reader

Free Java-based software for Linux and Windows workstations. Used to read IBM manuals in BookManager format, typically on CD-ROM. Replaces IBM Library Reader (ILR).
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