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Bro Bärgningsbyggen AB

Kristinehamn, Sweden. Manufacturer of tow trucks and wreckers for fitting onto existing chassis. Information about their products, retailers and second hand market.
2 -

House of Wreckers

San Carlos, California, United States. Selling and manufacturing of a wide range of new and used tow trucks, trailers, wreckers and car carriers. Specializing in custom-built Century trucks.
3 -

Dynamic Manufacturing

Norfolk, Virginia, United States. Towing, recovery and equipment manufacturer. Offers several models, from conventional to auto carrier, of towing equipment for the towing and repossession industry.industry. Each model is equipped with the Original Self-Loading wheel-lift system.
4 -

DG Towing

Manhattan, New York, United States. Towing, recovery and equipment sales offering over 15 models of light and medium-duty wheel-lift systems for the towing and repossessor industry. They also offer Dynamic self-loading tow trucks and accessories
5 -

Ingram Wrecker Sales Inc.

Horn Lake, Mississippi, United States. Distributor for Vulcan wreckers, carriers and towing-recovery units. Online showroom of new and used towing equipment and accessories.
6 -

East Penn Carrier and Wrecker Sales

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States. Distributor of carrier and wreckers, including all accessories, for the towing and recovery trucks and equipment.
7 -

Duvall, Washington, United States. Manufacturer and sales of towing and impound signs for residential and commercial properties.
8 -

Valley Wrecker

Fresno, California, United States. Distributor of new and used tow trucks, recovery equipment, accessories, repair parts and information.
9 -

Pierce Sales

Henrietta, Texas, United States. Manufacturer and sales of tow trucks and winches. Wrecker, truck and jeep parts and accessories also available. Shipping anywhere in the US.
10 -

WreckMaster Inc.

Lewiston, New York, United States. Towing and recovery operations specialist training. Features advanced levels of certified training for all tow truck operators, innovative techniques and the latest equipment available for major vehicle incident recovery operations.
11 -

Truck N Tow

Detroit, Michigan, United States. Complete trucking and towing supply source. Offers a full range of products for cargo control, towing, lighting, safety, security, and cleaning.
12 -

Future Wrecker Sales

Amsterdam, New York, United States. Dealer and manufacturer of towing and recovery tow trucks, equipment sales and custom built equipment. Specializing in custom heavy duty units.
13 -

Todd Equipment Inc.

Tempe, Arizona, United States. Distributor of towing and recovery equipment, featuring new and used Jerr-Dan and Dynamic equipment.
14 -


Greencastle, Pennsylvania, United States. Large manufacturer of light to heavy duty towing, recovery and specialized vehicles for the towing industry.
15 -


Visalia, California, United States. Manufacturer and sales of high visibility safety clothing and accessories for all emergency employees and the towing and recovery industry.
16 -

Automotive Equipment Co.

North Ridgeville, Ohio, United States. Sales of wreckers, tow trucks, tiltbeds, rollbacks and tools and related equipment for the towing and recovery industry.
17 -

TRUK International Ltd, UK

Bristol, England, United Kingdom. Manufacturer and sales of different types of towing and recovery vehicles.
18 -

Wasatch Truck Equipment

Sandy, Utah, United States. Distributor of Century, Vulcan, Champion, Holmes, Challenger and Eagle towing and recovery equipment.
19 -

ATB Engineering

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Tow truck, tilt slide, underlift and trailer recovery vehicles manufacturing company servicing all of Australia.
20 -


Charlotte North Carolina, United States. Manufacturer and distributor of tow trucks, rotators, recovery units, self loaders, and towing and recovery equipment.
21 -

U.S. Cargo Control

Urbana, Iowa, United States. Manufacturer and distributor of cargo control products including moving blankets, ratchet straps, winch straps, e track tie downs, nylon lifting slings and other cargo tie down hardware.
22 -


Dallas, Texas, United States. Manufacturer and distributor of cargo control, winching products and pickup accessories.
23 -

Danco Products

Greencastle, Pennsylvania, United States. Manufacturer of towing and recovery equipment,car carriers, and Articulating Cranes.
24 -

Worldwide Equipment Sales LLC

Rockdale, Illinois, United States. Dealer for new and used towing and recovery equipment featuring many popular name brand manufactures.
25 -

Fleet Sales West

Sherwood, Oregon , United States. Specializes in tow truck upgrades, sales, building, repairing and customizing tow trucks.
26 -

Rogers, Arkansas, United States. Manufacturer and sales of wireless taillight systems for the RV, wreckers, tow trucks, logging, farming and transport industries.
27 -

Ditch Hitch

Alberta, Canada. Manufacturer and international sales of the Ditch Hitch vehicle recovery hitch and accessories that is specifically made for getting light to heavy duty vehicles safely unstuck. Used in conjunction with the Fuse Link recovery strap, the Ditch Hitch is engineered to withstand a shock load.
28 -

Texas Wrecker Sales Inc.

Dallas, Texas, United States. Nationwide wrecker sales and Vulcan distributor, carriers, and towing and recovery vehicles. Featuring large inventory of used equipment, fabrication, full service wrecker repair, paint and body shop.
29 -

Mobile Centre

Evesham, Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Online supplier of commercial vehicle lighting, LED marker lights and trailer lights.
30 -

TRS Trucks

Fishponds, Bristol, Avon, United kingdom. Manufacturers and suppliers of towing and recovery services equipment.
31 -


Towbarless tractors, aircraft recovery transportation systems, heavy-duty modules.
32 -

Golden West Towing Equipment

Anaheim, California, United States. Sales for new and used tow trucks, auto loaders and carriers. Available for purchase or lease options.
33 -

Jige International

Revigny, Ornain, France. Manufacturer of recovery vehicles, breakdown trucks, heavy recovery, recovery vehicle accessories, slidebeds, towing arms for cars and trucks, cranes and special vehicle impounding equipment.
34 -

Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. Sales of light to heavy duty wreckers, slide trucks and multi-auto towing equipment. Used and new equipment is listed as well as pictures of each vehicle listed.
35 -


Wyandanch, New York, United States. Custom manufacturing of towing and recovery vehicles and equipment.
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