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1 -

Creative Logistics Solutions

Transportation software and integration services.
2 -

Freedom Logistics Network

A suite of logistics services and software that generates bottom line savings by reducing your logistics costs.
3 -

Cass Information Systems

Provider of payment and information services for logistics, distribution, and transportation payables
4 -

Trace Systems

Fleet management, commercial vehicle, spare parts stores systems, automatic trailer mileage, and vehicle location locater. Located in Coventry UK.
5 -

Australian Supply Chain Management

Specialises in software technology to manage orders/product from the point of manufacture to the point of sale.
6 -

ALK Associates

Developer of computer software for the transportation and logistics industry.
7 -

Cargo 2000

A system that allows freight forwarders to process air, ocean and road shipments quickly.
8 -

Scancode Logistics

Provider of warehousing and logistics software. Supply integrated software systems and web applications that focus on optimizing supply chain execution.
9 -

Infosite Technologies Inc.

Specialises in dispatching software for trucking companies. Does dispatching logistics, full loads, LTL, containers.
10 -

Office Automation Systems

Freight forwarding software and trade software for air freight and ocean freight.
11 -

Frontline Software Technology, Inc.

Software for the trucking industry.
12 -

Riege Software International

Software solution for air and ocean freight forwarders.
13 -

EXits, Inc.

Export documentation software for export, international trade and transportation.
14 -


Creater of TruckStops routing and scheduling software and the OptiSite distribution planning model. Includes details on products and services, testimonials, and contacts.
15 -

Precision Software

International trade logistics solutions allowing companies to improve the management and control of their global shipping.
16 -


Specializes in DCS, WMS, and other shipping systems designed to fit your unique needs.
17 -

Four Soft UK Ltd

Integrated software solutions for the freight and logistics industries.
18 -

Butler and Associates

Find out about transportation and Internet load tracing software for intermodal, truck brokers and air freight carriers.
19 -


Simple, incremental software solutions to transportation management problems
20 -

PM Belz Group

Software solutions for the areas of international trade, despatch and logistics.
21 -

Genesis Online Technologies

Software for exporters, customs, shipping, and transport.
22 -

Radical Logistics

Transportation planning and execution solutions for 3PLs, manufacturers, and retailers.
23 -

Paragon Software Systems

Vehicle routing and scheduling solutions to achieve transport cost savings and service benefits.
24 -

Varsity Logistics, Inc.

Develops, markets, and supports multi-carrier parcel and freight shipping software for the IBM iSeries and AS/400.
25 -

Classic Software

Trucking software with integrated dispatch, accounting, maintenance, safety, and warehousing.
26 -

C3 Solutions Inc.

Developer of software for yard management.
27 -

McHugh Software International

Transportation management, warehouse, logistics, supply chain and labor software.
28 -

Fleet Optimise

Web based software specialising in GPS vehicle and trailer tracking, navigation messaging, text messaging terminals and web reports.
29 -


Web-based logistics software that brings shippers and carriers together in a secure, real-time environment.
30 -

Melton Technologies, Inc.

Software for truckload carriers and private fleet operators. Windows-based.
31 -

Principal Systems

Solutions for managing all of your warehouse and distribution requirements. In-DEX, provides modular, user-configurable software, enabling effective adaptation to rapidly growing environments.
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