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This category lists developers of computer programs, aiding textile, nonwovens and geosystems designers, manufacturers and distributors with planning, design, production processes, product handling and storage.
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Cantel Apparel Systems

Canada. Design and development of web based ERP and PDM solutions for manufacturers, importers and distributors in the textile and apparel, footwear, furniture, automotive, leather and luggage industries. English and French.
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General Sewing Data, Ltd

UK. Developers of pre-determined motion-time systems (PMT) for evaluation and cost calculation of working practices in the sewn products, footwear and retail industries. Also, systems and services for clerical and administrative environments.
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Update Texware GmbH

Germany. Developers of software and hardware packages for production management in nonwovens, yarn and textile fabrics mills, and the garment manufacturing and retail industries. Personnel training, and consulting, project management and implementation services. English and German.
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Oakleaf Software

UK. Developers of software packages for estimating, planning and installation of contract carpets and hard surface flooring. Free demo downloads. Extensive video presentation.
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Textile Calculator

Unit to unit calculator for applications in the fiber, yarn and textile industries. From The Fiber Shop.
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Alternative Technology

Nepal. Developers of the Galaincha software package for on-line custom rug designing, coloring, illustrating and communicating.
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Binary Software Solutions

India. Software applications and web development, and offshore outsourcing company. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for yarn spinning mills, and integrated solutions and software packages for yarn brokers, agents and exporters. Technical information on PDF files.
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Vaahini Software Pvt., Ltd

India. Developers of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for the textile and apparel, general manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Software for inventory management, production control, billing and maintenance in yarn spinning mills.
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Collection of on-line calculators for the conversion of length, weight, pressure, volume and temperature. From
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Floor Covering Soft

USA. Distributors of flooring layout and estimating software for floor covering retailers, sales representatives, estimators, installers and contractors. Extensive technical information, manuals and tutorials, and trial software downloads.
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Talman Solutions

Australia. Developers of business and process management software solutions. Windows based software packages for wool auctioning, delivery, dumping and local or overseas processing.
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Developers of three-dimensional visualization software for apparel design, home furnishings, textile design and product visualization applications. Design catalogs en FAQ.
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Caldera - TextilePro

To ensure designs and colors are matched throughout production and help create patterns, variations and repeats without error or waste.
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